Friday, December 21, 2012

U B!t*h

I'm really sorry for being rude here...Follower and reader who reading this, please don't misunderstand, I'm not rude in real person. *EVIL WINK*


Dear Ms. B!t*h,

Why are you love to ruin people life? Why you can't focus on your own life and stop pretending that you are THE ANGEL of the Earth (The Earth don't need you). You don't even deserve a single respect from me. Act like you are so innocent and always put on your ANGELIC smile... Please! Please! I begging you. No acting anymore. You are not good at pretending at all. Everyone knows you are just acting and we are laughing behind of you while you are still thinking you are so damn popular among us.

Thanks and Regards



On this important day I suppose spend my time with my most precious one. But end up I spend my day alone. I sit back and thought of my stuffs. I realize not everything will be fine if u keep your mind 'Happy Go Lucky'. I try to keep myself as low profile as possible but when time comes, you can't avoid being pull into situation u not suppose being in. Mother of Earth. Why people can be so inconsiderate and act bitchy whenever they go. God bless me please, I really wish to get out from this Hell place as soon as possible.