Monday, June 25, 2007

Birthday Boys and Girls in June!

A suprised party that planned by T.A.G ...Hope lai kuan really suprised on that day..haha..Special thanks to darryl and Lai kuan's mommy!~ ahah...Without their helped, i guess this suprise party cant be done!

Pik shen..Happy birthday ah~... Welcome to 21st years old..bahaha!~Wishing have a great year ahead...haha!

Kah lok..Happy birthday ah~..Wishing u all the best and take good care of urself since u already 21 loh..keke.

P/S: i only have these pictures..ahaha..Hope u all dun mind~~~

Mapling in REAL-LIFE

Me in maplestory...
Me in real-life(T_T) So MUCH different ho?~
Haha..So excited... Just like going back to CHILDHOOD FUN FAIR!!!!
This is the town where we can go in maplestory. Where should i go ler???! ahaha. >Perion is Warrior's town..Ellinia is magician town. >Kerning city is thief town. >Thief in the game is actually bandit and assassin. >Henesys is bowman's town...ahah..most of the beginner will be train at Henesys..hehe..! The town really really small in real life ler..

When i reached to there, i'm OVER AGED ler~..SO many kids queued up for the game.... And i saw alot of daddies and mommies play the game for their children...ahaha


YO!! This my at home while nothing to do...

This do not know the name) but it cool..!
She said this posing is not very hard...Mostly beginner can do this..haha....i'm going to try it...


Hehe...! Is my sis again!!. U all can try it when u all feels nothing to do...This posing needs alot of concentration and balancing...
Precaution: do not do YOGA in small place...VERY DANGEROUS!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Want to learn DRIFTING???

This is the right way of DRIFTING

Hope u all understand it..haha..The right handside diagram is showing the pathway of drifting..Looks quite easy....haha.
Below is a short movie of
>Drifting performance in Shangai...
>Drifting Lesson

RX7 ROX!!!!
RX7 vs RX7..(Must Watch)

Who do i look alike???

Haha... Never thought i can be looks like Star...ahaha. but the most a-like i guess is Ayumi that one ler...maybe because of the hair style...ahaha

If u have time...u also try out who do u look alike..!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

FD RX7 Mazda - My Precious (^_^)

Firsttime i saw RX7 was when i watching the Initial D, the animation version. Haha..But i'm not interested on the Keisuki's RX7, the yellow colour one..No that one!~ The one RX7 which make me so impressed is Kyoko's RX7, black colour one~ She only came out in 'Initial D -Stage 4'.

What i likes about RX7 is it 'BACK'. It's light design so special...Looks so cool...And have to tell u all that...this picture is model(toy) only..not the real RX7. BUT IT LOOKS SO REAL!!!! crystal light casing somemore~ (*_*)
Wishing to have it even it's only a model.. Haha~

Monday, June 11, 2007

My Favourite Cartoon - Sailormoon

A full set of Sailormoon comics is collected at 10 June 2007..haha...

Because 10 June 2007 i found my last chapter, i mean the chapter that i din brought lasttime.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Ship Is In The Shopping Mall!!~

Waoh! I was on the ship in the shopping mall~ So excited~...Where is Capten Jack?~ Where are my Little Prince~!?Haha...

Mr. Lim XB(The guy behind me)...

I was stand too far~ This pic is FAIL! Anyway still can see the ship head~Haha...

Friday, June 8, 2007

My Poster

This is my FIRST assignment that done by myself ALONE...
Hahaha~ Felt so great because so long time i din touch thing that related to ARTS~

At 4pm on Monday

At 8pm on the same day~

At 8pm on the Tuesday~ the outlook already..Yeah!

At 8pm on Wednesday~..Shinning shinning title makes my poster looks so attractive~ (kononnya~)

It's FINALLY done~!!

10hours before it pass up to the lecturer!..I'm so 'berat hati' to pass it up....

1 hour before it reached to my lecturer's table~! Happy hours always passby very fast...IS TIME TO PASS IT TO MY LECTURER...I"M GOING TO MISS U HERE!!!~ BYE MY POSTER~

P/S: The day is for illustration only but the time are real.


These are my FAVOURITE hair clips... They are so cute and very easy to use. I guess i'm going to have to hair clips since my hair getting longer and longer and i dont have free time to cut my hair...ahaha...

Monday, June 4, 2007

I likes something can SLIDE

I likes something that can take photo VERY CLEAR

I likes something that can ONLINE everywhere
I likes to LISTEN to music


I found out something wrong about my blog...Sometimes when i view it, it show empty space!~...I need to highlight it only the sentences come out!~...What happen ler?!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Trying to blog

This month is June!~ so many ppl born in this month..ahhaha..Wondering why 'they' were so 'active' at night at last nine months before my friends got birth~..ahaha...Wishing all my friends who born in June Happy 21st Birthday!!!