Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Forgotten Season - JaeJoong SOLO

It is one of the song from 4th album of TVXQ. I still havent found the full lyric and because of that, I'm not very understand he singing. LOLZ. But can see from the song's title. It should be a sad song. I saw some comments about this song. Most of them loves this song and they said Jaejoong running into tear when he recording the song.

First time I listen to this song, the rhythm of it some kind like jazz, slow and soft. When it combined with Jaejoong's voice, it become more fastasy like. LOLZ. It's like bringing me back to my childhood memory. I thought back lots of my old memories. All those happiness, all those laughter with family and friends, all the sadness that I had gone through and those important memory that I almost forgotten, now all flashing in my mind now.

From now, I only realised those oldies time, I was freed from all worries and stresses. I still remembered. When I studied in primary 1, I cried a lot, can said I cried everyday, But when I went to my primary 2 and so on, for me it is the most fun places ever. That time I was didn't really pay attention in class and always jokes and play a lot with my friends. And now, I noticed that I dont have chances to chat with my primary schoolmate or they might already forgotten me.

When in secondary school, I'm still me. Not paying attention in classes and always chat with friends. LOLZ. My secondary school life was full of more challenges. Not like primary school. There where I learned all those social life. Time is passed so fast. Now I'm in University. Next year, will be my final year and then I will ended my study life into working life.

Here is the Forgotten Season - JaeJoong.. Enjoy~

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My miracle of the day

Miracle is everywhere. Just depends will you noticed it before is fade away. I always try to find some miracle scene.Here are some miracle that I found, It might be not special enough, but for me, it is already very special to me. Anyway, I know uploaded 2 photos only. Haha..Others not really special.

Rainbow on the floor. Many ppl may not noticed this, but when the rainbow is in the sky, many ppl will noticed and said 'So nice'. When it is on the floor, it become not precious..LOLZ.
Love your chicken. Haha.. this chicken in LOVE shape. Really cute.

Musicians of the Year2008

That day we went to Free&Easy cafe for our lunch while waiting for the Food Engineering class. The day was so hot~! The sun like burning our skin while we on the way to the cafe~ Really feel like want to 'Boom' the sun away!~ ARGH!~.

The cafe interior design is very special. The wall is black colour and u can use your liquid paper or some others colour pen to write or draw on the wall. We saw many different kinds of wishes and greetings. Some are drawing. The most drawing I saw is LOVE shape. LOLZ.

Beside that, I also noticed nowadays teenagers loves to learn korean language and japanese languages. I saw a lot korean words and japanese words. Lastly, I also drop my masterpiece on the wall.. I wrote "TVXQ". Try to find it when you go there. LOLZ.

Then my sight caught something that I likes a lot in the cafe...A guitar!~ Ah...i loves it the most...Since there is not much ppl around in the cafe, me and my friends play the guitar, we all only know to pluck the guitar and no music was played! lolz....Luckily no other ppl was there. We only dare to play the guitar..LOLZ. It was really paiseh...

Here are the musicians of the day. Is really fun to play the guitar even non of us really know how to pluck it. But really fun to learn guitar.


Sing yee


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mirotic MV is out

Finally, the MV of Mirotic is out~..
Waoh, the MV is so hot.. I already addicted to it. Nowadays I only play this song in my computer again again again and again... Thousand times also i wont feel it bored to listen. OH Gosh~ Is it i got the Mirotic spell from TVXQ??? Oh.. If really kena that spell, i also dont mind. LOLz.

Today is 23 Sept 2008. Tomorrow is 24 sept 2008 and also is the date for TVXQ's 4th album to be released. I can't wait for it. I'm so nervous about the songs in the CD. I'm think which type of songs will be in the CD. This is the first time i feel this way. Lasttime, no matter how much i love the singer or group singer. I wont fallen for them so deeply. TVXQ...i guess u really got me this time.

After i found the lyric for the Mirotic. I got into this song deeper and deeper. Even the song lyrics so hot....some will say it so seducing~
Here is the lyric of Mirotic.

At the start, you were sweetly, naturally attracted to me
You stepped up to me and told me it would forever be like that
All the possibilities, opened up Oh~

What is love? What!
It's now meant by the Red Ocean
I'm breakin' my rules again, you know it's getting boring
Even if you're hurt a bit, it's okay Oh~

You want me, You've fallen for me, You're crazy over me
You can't escape I got you- Under my skin
You want me, You've fallen for me, You're crazy over me
You're my slave, I got you under my skin

The piercing stare that burrows into your head
It's not me, my still chrome heart
It's the road you chose Oh~

Running through your veins, flowing through you are millions of my crystal
Finally it has started, the end of my metamorphosis
Isn't this also love? Oh~

You want me, You've fallen for me, You're crazy over me
You can't escape I got you- Under my skin
You want me, You've fallen for me, You're crazy over me
You're my slave, I got you under my skin

Together with one time's kiss~ The day is fresh- a strong pull
The second kiss, your heart felt hot and about to explode
Yeah~ I got you! You know you got it! Yeah~
Come on! Come on! I got you- Under my skin

In your dreams I control you with my magic spells
You're once again yearning .. I got you- Under my skin
My devils ride, there's no more room for breathing, if that happens
How will it be to enjoy it now I got you- Under my skin
You want me, You've fallen for me, You're crazy over me
You can't escape I got you- Under my skin

You want me, You've fallen for me, You're crazy over me
You're my slave, I got you under my skin

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yo there, TVXQ aka 东方神起 is back with their new album.. Waoh.. Their songs are so hot..I cant stop looking at their preview. I repeat it again again ang again...

Their hairstyle changed a lot especially Micky.. now many ppl call him as Mushroom hair...LOLZ..

I promised ....I MUST BUY THEIR NEW ALBUM.. confirm!!! it is a must..i dont care.. i must have it.. Really have to show my support to them and wishing TVXQ also held their concert in MALAYSIA this year.
If u really love TVXQ. Support their new songs!!!

And this is the preview of their new album. Enjoy
TVXQ - Mirotic

**********TVXQ...I GOT U!**********

The album will be released on September 24 2008.
Included in this album are the reverse beat dance song ‘주문-MIROTIC,’ which has a sophisticated melody and intoxicating chorus, and ballad, R&B, acid jazz, remakes, and more that makes a variety of 12 songs.

Two TVXQ members have participated in writing the songs. Junsu wrote ‘노을.. 바라보다’ (Look at.. the Sunset), a ballad which showcases TVXQ’s vocals, and is about wanting to protect your girl with your heart. It has impressive and emotional lyrics. From their 3rd Japanese album “T,” ChangMin wrote the Korean version lyrics to the heart-wrenching ballad song ‘Love in the Ice.’

This 4th album shows TVXQ in attractive, new, diverse songs. The sophisticated ‘Wrong Number’ has grooves with a dark, mysterious atmosphere that features for the first time JaeJoong’s rap.

With an electronic beat and strings’ harmonic melody, ‘CRAZY LOVE,’ written by famous lyricist Kim Young Hoo, is about a man who doesn’t want to give up on the woman he loves, and makes a pledge. In addition, Lee Yong’s hit song ‘잊혀진 계절’ (Forgotten Season) in the 1980s will be newly made into JaeJoong’s solo, which will expose it to the younger generation.

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com

1)Album will be released on the 24th
2)Junsu wrote the lyrics for '노을.. 바라보다'
3)CHANGMIN wrote the Korean version of 'Love in The Ice'.
4)Those two songs will be in Version A of the album with Jae's solo track
5)Version B has got the DVD which features members interviewing one another.
6)Also included: YoungWoong Jaejoong' solo performance for "Forgotten Season", SMP Genre HEY!, Club Dance "Witch", Acid Jazz "Rainbow", there's a lot of genre was intended for the fans will enjoy from their music.
7)Jae will also be rapping in "Wrong Number

DBSK Vol. 4 - Mirotic (CD + Photobook)

DBSK Vol. 4 - Mirotic (CD + DVD)

Source: http://dbsker.blogspot.com/

My wish came true!!

Haha..Finally Fahrenheit come to Malaysia to held a concert...YEah.. Yesterday they already started to sell the ticket.. and my sis and i dont want to miss this chance and we had brought the tickets..lolz.. Hope our seats is nice. Just want to see them..

Fahrenheit...Good luck and See ya at ur concert...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Better make some difference - Facebook

First when i using facebook, it is so simple and very easy to understand it's function. But after they upgraded it. I totally lost and I feel it so different. This differences make me blur and I feel so discouraging me.

For very first thing, I found that I cant upload photos directly and as easy as Friendster do. In my opinion, I found out that Friendster is more user-friendly than Facebook. No doubt and I guess Facebook have their own reasons for that. But i really cant accept it and it make me feel ignoring whenever I try to updating my profile. That's why I'm not updating my facebook as frequent as Friendster. Can say that i never update it.

And about the application, how come they are to wasting time and so stupid. They provide 'ignore all the applications' but why they didn't provide 'accept all the application'. You know what!!!! To accept all the applications, it takes me years to do so.. I so fucking up with it.. Plus some of the applications were duplicated. Why?? Why?? WHY??

Lastly, I'm damn disappointed about the profile's layout. Oh dear~~~! you call this is a 'profile'??? My IT assignment to design a profile is nicer than yours!