Monday, January 26, 2009

1st blog on 1st day of OX year 2009

First of all, Happy chinese OX year.

All my wishes,

Myself - May all good lucks comes with me and bless me in everything I do. Healthier life in this year. Since OX year is my zodiac.

Family- Healthy life always my wishes for them. Happy everyday~. Laughing is the best medicine for good life.

My Dear- Happy all the time and bless in everything you do.

My friends - With all wealth and health wishes.

T.A.G- Special wishes...LOLZ. Wishing for our T.A.G members full will prosperity and health for throughout the year~ and also wish T.A.G will gain more and more members~~

Economic- 'Step by step improving'. Hope our economic improving day by day.


**Gong Xi Fatt Chai**

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The End of the Rat year

Overall in the Rat year, it's all about a mundane life throughout the year. Only about 51% happy moment in year of Rat. The rest 49%, just 'so so go lucky'..... It's ok anyway, atleast have 51% of good thing...lolz..

Wishes everyone have a blasting and great Ox Year ahead, with prosperity and healthy life..


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dreaming for the Dream To Come True

I really hope for TVXQ can come to Malaysia to have their 3rd Concert Tour. I watch back their previous concert. Really regreted for not going to it lasttime.

This movie is about their 3rd concert and some shot from previous concert. Watch it and u will understand why i'm so carving for their concert to be held here..

**Life For Music**

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I just received an email from MC.....It stated about the is a chance for TVXQ's concert to hold in Malaysia but with one condition. We have to gather 5000 emails from all of us before 24 JANUARY

We have to send our details to ( or( as shown below:

(a) MYR 100 - MYR 200
(b) MYR 200 - MYR 300
(c) MYR 300 - MYR 400
(d) MYR 400 - MYR 500
(e) MYR 500 and above

Please~Help us to make our wish come true...Just one email can brighten thousands ppl's life...

***Just Once***

Good News And Bad News

Good news is TVXQ will start their 3rd Asia Tour Concert under MIROTIC title. They finally start their concert which I've been waited for so long.

And the Bad News is TVXQ *NOT* going to held their 3rd Asia Tour Concert in Malaysia~ The nearest will be Bangkok. TVXQ going to have their concert at Bangkok but not in Malaysia. WHY? Bangkok and Malaysia so near only.

I felt more sad than happy when I received the news. I'm hoping so much for TVXQ come and held concert in KL..I want to attend to their concert so badly. MC (Malaysia Cassiopiea) planning to go to Bangkok..I wanted to follow them..but the thing is i'm not free to go so far. So frustrated now.

~@Not Fair@~

Monday, January 19, 2009

JaeJoong in TaeGoon [Call Me] MV

Wah!!!!..Finally it's OUT. I've been waiting for it so long time......

JaeJoong Oppa!!!U Are So Handsome!...

I cant stop looking at the MV again and again. So Addicting.!

Anyway, the song very nice though and the dance very nice. Just that I hardly see TaeGoon's face....Lolz..But dont worry, I already found his pic from the net. Quite handsome.

~Come and Call Me~

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's My NightMare

Oh no... I'm sick..sick..SICK badly. Thanks to those pesticides...My sick is getting worse and I'm afraid of those pesticides now. I'm really proud of farmers and who ever handling those poisonous and scariest odor pesticides.

The farmers and those seller of pesticides warned me about the danger of the pesticides, and now I finally understand why they so concerned about it. It really really dangerous, especially when we accidently inhaled it, the vapour of pesticides may dissolve into our blood and can causes many sickness.

The very first day of the lab, me and my partner were start our lab without any worry as we thought 'it just a pest, what so danger' that kind of thinking. Lack of experiences..LOLz. When we opened the pest's packaging, we started to smell the most smelliest thing in my life. It so smelly, smellier than FART. LOLZ. The odor of pest is very different. Fart like will make U feel want to vomit or just making you know what that person ate...lolz... BUT this pest, it smelled like worse than fart and u can feel a little pain in your throat when u inhale it. Throat will be felt so dry and so to the eyes. I can smell it ever I got out from the lab.

Then me and my partner already not feeling well. We felt a little bit dizzy and our eyes quite pain. We speed up our work and fast got home. At home, I got no appertite for my dinner.I only took 2 spoons of rice as my dinner.. lolz. so little but I felt it is more than enough. Then I just laid down on my bed. It's only 30 mins passed but I felt I already laying on my bed for few hours. I cant fall asleep, I felt very hard to breath. Cold sweat started to come out from my skin. I got up from bed and rushed to toilet for ........vomit.........lolz. Paiseh..~Even I vomitted my lunch....My RM4 lunch....I vomitted a waste!!!! After that, my sick is getting worse.......My back become very very very hot, just like my body is burning inside. Sorethroat and my joint is pain. I totally cant sleep for the whole night.

The next morning I still need to go back to school to check the result. I tried to msg my partner and asked how she doing. She also experienced the same condition. Vomit and dizzied for whole night. We are like having the same 'nightmare'..lolz. I really cant stand the lab already. It's too dangerous for us. And lastly thanks for my dear to fetch me to see doctor. LOLZ....

Hope Our 'Nightmare' Will Have A Happy Ending.

***Poisoned by Pesticides***

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mirotic Chinese Version

TVXQ came out with mirotic chinese version. Althought it sound weird at first time when I listen it. But what else i can do. It sang by TVXQ. I got no choice but just to LOVE it. Hahaha. I really glad that thet got it in chinese version. At least I can promote it to my friends who does not listen to korean's songs. LOLZ.

People. Just enjoy it. U can listen to korean version(The original version) It definitely sound greater and more powerful than chinese version.

Mirotic (Chinese Version) with chinese lyric

***咒文 - 东方神起***

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's 2009 now

Yeah..It's new year but i didn't really welcoming 2009 year well, because I was overslept when down-counting. The story goes like this actually, I was felt sleepy when the time is just 11pm on 31 Dec 2008. All of my friends were playing their game, Monopoly World Version. LOLZ. Using credit card one. Very interesting.! I felt more sleepy then..Seeing they playing like never ending games and TV did not show any great movie... All my mind is only have one word 'Sleep'..I started cant control my eyes. It like closing automatically and my ears like cant listen to anything around. It's a very good mood of sleeping. Lolz. Lastly I cant stand it and straight away go to the bed and without few second I guess enter deep sleep stage. Lolz. Just few second before final count-down of end of 2008 and welcoming the new beginning of 2009, all my friends jumped onto my bed and try to wake me up. Sadly, their mission failed. So they countdown without me. I heard they shouting, counting numbers and a long firework noise outside the house or maybe from the TV. LOLZ. I'm really not sure for that because I was sleeping throughout the countdown. So shamed.

There will be more of blogs will be loaded. I'm really lack of time for blogging this week. I just finished tons of celebrations and my school just started. I'm learning to adapt back schooling mood due to having too long holiday. Yet, I'm still dont have study mood. Sit in the class like wondering around.

Peng, You leave us again and went to Aus for the studies. We did spent a lot of time together. Though u will be far from us again, but all T.A.G members will miss u as how u miss us. All the best and take good care of urself throughout the way home. And prepare ur school with study mood. Dont be like me, I really dont have study mood yet~..LOLz...

*Happy New Year 2009*