Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Have to work more harder.

I'm very disappointed with my result. This time really out of my expectation..I thought it would be better but the questions were so trickly. I used too much time while answering.

Now my study mood is back.. I will get back all my things back on to the track and I'll try my best in every tasks come to my way. U better watch out!!!..Just like "TVXQ - Survivor" song.

The lyric TVXQ - Survivor

Everytime, everyday
everybody now is a survivor
Looking for everywhere
In this case, don't give up

Standing up from here
searching for the light
Together we have a chance
to change, so let's try
oh baby let's try

With One Smile
you find a heart
Shine on me
Two Smiles
that we can join,
Shine on me
Shine like the world does
Smile, Smile
Survive, Survivor!

Even if you're going on a u-turn, it's not so bad
remember something important
Being alone is too hard
We can unite our feelings / thoughts to begin
Oh baby we can

Somewhere there's One Dream
With the main aim to Still (going) on
Two Dreams for a Brand new world
and someone to love
Dream Dream
Let's hug

With One Love
Tomorrow can be So easy
Two Love(s)that we can join to Be happy
believe in yourself
Love Love
Survive, Survivor
Everyone is a Survivor
Together we are Survivors
Smile and dream now
Everybody Everybody night

With One Smile
you find a heart Shine on me
Two Smiles
that we can join,
Shine like the world does
Smile, Smile
Let’s hug

With One Love
Tomorrow can be So easy
Two Love(s)that we can join to Be happy
believe in yourself
Love Love
Survive, Survivor

++Burning Flame Inside Of Me++

Friday, February 20, 2009

Danson Tang at Sungei Wang 20 Feb 2009

I just went Danson Tang New CD promotion. The event was great and there were full of people, especially girlssssssssssss. They shouting and jumping happily when they idot appeared. Haha..

Many people said he so friendly and very talkative. This the video of Danson Tang signing for 'someone's cd..lolz.I'm sorry for the lousy skill..

Danson Tang very good. U can ask him to wrote ur name while he signing for ur cd. This is so cool. This way can improve the relationship between idol and his fans.

Too bad, I dun have that chances. Lolz. Anyway, Wishing Danson Tang will get more and more popularity and take good care of himself. I know he were rushing to Penang right after that CD Promotion at Sungei Wang.

==Danson Tang - Qing Bao==

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Assignment Nightmare.

I have been struggling so much while I trying to finish those assignment. It sounds so easy and only have 2 assignment to be rushed, but actually it takes all my time just to read thousand of journals and books, just to understand more about the title.

It is hard to do an assignment on a disease, because it need a lot of reading and to understand the cause of the disease is harder than I thought. Salut to those writers...lolz...

This few days, I followed my friends went to SMK Taman Connaught for their final year project. when we at that high school, many sweet memories flash back into our mind, althought all of us were not from a same high school, but our experiences is about same.

And when we at the canteen in the recess time, the canteen was crowded with all student with their uniform on them. Suddenly, I feel a warm feeling although I'm not a student from there..

Student, U must enjoy urself as a student, after this U wont have chances to wear uniform.

Hope I can finish those assignment and also my lovely Final Year Project within the given time.

**E. Coli**

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dream Phone 2009

Wah. It's been a long time I didn't check for latest mobile phone. Yesterday I went to those Mobilephone websites and check for lastes mobilephone and I got stunned by all those bravo creations. I already fall in love with 2 mobilephone.

One of it from CSL company. The phone known as CSL Swarovski S1. It is flipable phone with swarovski cystals on it. Dam nice and it looks like those mobile phone that from japan..I love those kind of design...I love the black colour. It only have basic function. No 3G and the camera pixel only 2.0MP.

My second dream phone, it is not flipable, it have no keypad. What attracted me is it's CAMERA PIXEL...It's 12.1MP....Believe it.!? 12.1MP!! It is SE product and havent been launch yet. It called SE IDOU.

Xenon flash, face and smile detection, all are my favourite part. Touch-screen and not to mention it is a symbian OS phone. WIFI and GPS not a problem for him. LOLZ.. What a bravo design..!!!

^SE rulez^

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dog training - 3rd Lesson

After a tough, helly and tiring dog training, Daodao, my sis most treasured beagle, finally passed the training. Daodao, is a she, lolz, she passed training for sit, stay and hand previously. And now Daodao also passed the training of ROLLING. lolz.

Here is the video of her rolling..lolz. very cute.. Hope everyone enjoy~~

**Daodao, The Beagle**

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine 2009

First of all, Happy Valentine to everyone, all female and male, elder and young, and couple or single.

I had specially delicated a song for everyone. It is one of the song from TVXQ called as 'You're My Melody'. This song is one of my favourite. It so sweet and their harmonized it perfectly...

^Heart TVXQ^

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

End of the Chinese New Year Celebration 2009

It's finally ended. And so to those fireworks.. Bombing all the night and those kids' screaming are all gone now.

Firecracker are good to play in CNY but it is too dangerous to play in housing area. Last few days, there is a firecracker flied into my house garden area and BOMB at there. It gave us a shock cause I can feel it just exploded beside of me. My studyroom just next to that garden.My ears feel 'ring ring ring'... DAM THEM!!!.**9267**..Why so fun playing those thing? If u all want to play, please play it safely.

**All The Best**

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Garlic for Dogs?

Recently, my 2 lovely dogs affected by ticks. I hate Tick. It looks ugly and those tiny legs. I really want to put all those tiny legs out one by one until it all gone..LOLz. I'm seems so vain..

I found this article very interesting. I dont know whether it is true or not. But it will not harm if I learning more thing about food since that i'm a food science student.


The Healing Properties of Garlic

Technology can be a dangerous thing. For example, we’ve had a couple of people call and say that they read on the internet that garlic is harmful to pets. Garlic? Harmful to pets? Are we talking about the same garlic that’s been used by holistic vets for decades as a natural flea treatment and antioxident? Okay, we admit – garlic can be harmful to pets, and people for that matter. Then again, so can water. Allow us to explain.

Garlic (Allium sativum) has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Sanskrit records show its medicinal use about 5,000 years ago, and it has been used for at least 3,000 years in Chinese medicine. The Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans were known to have harnessed the healing properties of garlic as well.

According to the Whole Dog Journal, small amounts of garlic not only act as a natural flea repellant, but garlic can be used for its wonderful antifungal and antibacterial properties. It also promotes the production of white blood cells thereby acting as an immune booster for dogs with low or compromised immunity and may benefit dogs with diabetes by helping reduce blood-sugar levels.

What makes garlic so great for dog health problems? Allicin appears to be the active component in the root bulb (cloves) of the garlic plant which trigger its healing properties. Allicin is formed when alliin, a sulfur-containing amino acid, comes into contact with the enzyme alliinase when raw garlic is chopped, crushed, or chewed. Heating garlic will lessen the medicinal capabilities, but naturally dehydrating it won’t. That is to say the garlic used in a nutritional supplement, or garlic found in one of our pet food mixes is simply raw garlic that has been crushed and dehydrated.

Despite its healing qualities, Garlic contains a compound named thiosulphate. In extremely high levels thiosulphate can be a dangerous toxin that cause hemolytic anemia in dogs. But we’re not talking about garlic dog treats, supplemental garlic, or healthy table scraps that may have included fresh garlic in the recipe. We’re talking about situations where your pet sniffs out several bulbs of garlic you were about to use for a giant batch of homemade spaghetti sauce for the whole neighborhood and winds up eating 50 cloves in one sitting. We repeat . . . it would take up to 50 cloves for garlic to be harmful to your dog! 50 cloves of garlic wouldn’t be a good idea for anyone, let alone your dog.

In the event that your dog did get into a basket of garlic cloves, the symptoms of hemolytic anemia can develop within a few hours or a few days. Signs include vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, depression, and loss of appetite. If you see these symptoms in your pet and you're missing a lot of cloves of garlic, call your vet. The bottom line there is that dogs and cats can get into many things around the house that are toxic if consumed in large quantities. But, when used in moderation, garlic can be a healthy supplement.

According to Charlie Fox, the co-author of The Garlic Cure (McCleery & Sons, 2002), garlic can be used to stimulate and support immune function, trigger gastric juices for better digestion, encourage the growth of friendly bacteria, and prevent infections. He’s seen garlic reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer as well as improve blood sugar regulation and promote detoxification.Sojourner Farms has a few natural dog food products that contain garlic – Monzie’s Organic Müesli for Dogs, Europa Grain-Free Dog Food Mix, Monzie’s Organic Cookies for Dogs, Sojos all natural dog trea

Source : http://www.sojos.com/garlicarticle.html

If any reader are dog's lover or u have any idea to repel those tick from my dogs. Please let me know too. Thanks~

^^Garlic VS Ticks^^

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hero JaeJoong of my Heart

Happy birthday JaeJoong Oppa. Note that, this video not made by me. I embedded it from youtube.
I love it so much and I really wish Jaejoong oppa will success in everything he do and so for TVXQ too. All the best and dont forget your Cassiopeia from Malaysia

We will always shinning for TVXQ no matter when and where!