Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The best of Cassiopeia!

Let's got to know what is Cassiopeia....

Cassiopeia is a TVXQ's diehard fans club. They formally from Korea, *if I not mistaken.* For TVXQ, Cassiopeia is their another family members where they grow together with TVXQ. They have do a lot of thing for TVXQ beside only supporting them. Currently Cassiopeia is getting stronger and become more popular than usual. It is just because their extreme undying spirit in supporting and love TVXQ. Forever is TVXQ and never end.

I really hope I can be one of them. The way they show their support to TVXQ is really make me feel proud of them and now I want to join them and show support to TVXQ. *YEAH* Some people said they want to hug each of the Cassiopeia member.

Their spirit for loving TVXQ is very very very DIFFERENT. All this while, i had never saw one fans club with such strong spirit until i know Cassiopeia. If I am one of the TVXQ member, I will cry on the spot when cassiopeia sang along with me..It is so touching....

CASSIOPEIA..KEEP IT UP...U ARE THE SPIRIT OF TVXQ and so to TVXQ is our spirit..*smile*

This is the video about the BEXT SCENE of CASSIOPEIA with TVXQ (See it and Feel it)

If u cannot view the video. Can try this link

Friday, July 25, 2008

Common thing between JaeJoong(TVXQ) and cute panda~

I found this thing in internet. It is so cute...i can't stop from looking at it again and again. Haha.. These photos shown the cute and adorable part of JaeJoong.

Let's have a look at those photos...*Smile*

JJ: Ah! I'm so embarrassed

JJ: I want to hug hug~

JJ: ....

JJ: Miss you here~

JJ: I'm looking for You~

YunJae's Love~~~

JJ: I'm so lonely~

JJ: Now u see..now u don't(Smile)


JJ: Am I cute?

JJ: Can u do this?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Help Me Out!


I dont know what really happen to it. My msn cant on, log to internet very slow and i cant get into some of the website. I keep on trying and i did re-install it. The result is still the same. I already didnt on my msn for whole week. I feel like i'm separated with everyone with soooooo long distance. haha. I'm like different world now.

The website that i visit the most, now i cant even open it mainpage.. Youtube is consider my life. Without it, i cant listen to song,watch video, MV and a lot lot of thing. My life became so down, quiet, dark and very boring without them. Haha . Now i think think think and try to figure out how many entertainment website that i know and try to get into there to fullfill my free time and sad feeling...at the end i just found out that i knew very few those websites. And i cant get into the one that i know..ARGH!!!! so stress already!!!~~@~
.What i can do now is just to STUDY. Haha...i finally have reasons for myself to study for the exam.

Now i only realise how internet important for me or in my life.... IS VERY IMPORTANT. For example, my group member sent me some information about the assignment, i hardly to open it and this make me wasting my time in downloading it.. and MAKING all my works need to be postponed. STRESS STRESS....! Stupiak Comp~~!~ (NAH!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

I cant help~

Thanks Geocities...really thanks a lot..thank for ur 'good' rules. Due to some rules and regulation, i have to remove my website link from here.

Geocities only allows 4MB data transfer for an hour. Because of that, i have to minimize the number of visitors to visit my website until the assignment is done and after the lecturer marks my website. I'm worry that she(my lecturer) cannot get into my website and give zero marks for my assignment. Then that time i'm really 'ja lat loh'.

My website link will be back soon. Right after the marking period. Haha..I will try to upgrade my website, so it has more links and more interesting for you all.

So may i have your opinions on the type of topics that visitor normally wishing to see in a personal website? Which type of the topic that you think is popular in personal website?

Lastly, I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Thanks for visiting for my website.

Friday, July 4, 2008


After tonnes of school works and assignments plus all exams(which is still havent ended).. I'm finally has chance to update my long abandoned blog...Haha.. I found out that I also have some fans of my blog...They always asking me when will I update my blog.

Thanks for your supports... Hehe

Recently I'm busying with my school assignments Sorry for the late update...Yes..Actually I want to promote you all my OWN WEBPAGE. I created my personal website is all because of my school assignment. In this semester, I taking Information Techno. as my elective subject and IT assignment is about creating website...So i got no choice and try to create one...

I was frustrated when i first try to create website. Not because I dont know or dont have time. It is because I dont have the PROGRAM. Oh GOSH!!!~ HOW I'M GOING TO DO THE ASSIGNMENT WITHOUT THE PROGRAM. I went to search for the program for whole day and at last I FOUND NOTHING. That time I really beh tahan and want to give up. Haha...But thanks GOD ..i found one program to do it. I'm so released...Maybe because of too stressed up and frustrated for whole day, at the end of that day , I got flu and fever~ *sobsobs*

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