Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm Cassiopeian from Malaysia

Yes yes yes yes!!!~~

I'm finally joined Malaysia's Cassiopeia. It so hard for me to find this club... I was shock to see the number of members in the group...It really incredible~~~ lolz...

Malaysia's Cassiopeia (also known as MC) had done a lot activities to show their support and love towards TVXQ/DBSK....I cant stop myself from joining the group...It really feel we are in a big family.. Although we do not knowing each other but we are seems close to each and know each other feeling well...It is because of we are all having the same objective..Haha.... TVXQ is our MAIN topic which important to us....

Annyong haseyo, Chonun Carine imnida..

I'm Proud Of You


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yeah...I found out something (3)

In my very previous blog, I had blogged about the similarity of something between artists' items. And today's I found out new similarity between some artists again. I'm not panellising them but I felt that I should share this. No offence! Thanks. I just want to share it.

OK..I found this in the newspaper..First sight I looked at it, I felt that I saw this image before. I hope some of you also felt the same...LOLZ

Andy & Andox





It's Similar To





TVXQ's single cover

These images are not only looks alike to each another but they are similar in some way.

Here are the links of my previous blogs:

1) Yeah...I found out something(1)

2) Yeah...I found out something(2)

*Tell Me More*

Continued : What is this fruit?

Regarding to my previous blog with title What is this fruit?. I finally found the fruit name. It's called Passion Fruit, or scientifically it known as Passiflora edulis.

The passion fruit is round to oval, yellow or dark purple at maturity, with a soft to firm, juicy interior filled with numerous seeds. Fresh passion fruit is known to be high in vitamin A, potassium, and dietary fiber. The yellow variety is used for juice processing, while the purple variety is sold in fresh fruit markets. Passion fruit juice is a good source of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

In Australia, available in commercially fresh and canned. Being added to fruit salads, passion fruit is commonly used in desserts, such as the topping for the pavlova (a meringue cake), cheesecake, and vanilla slice. It is also used to flavor soft drinks such as Passiona and cordials.

In the Dominican Republic, it is used to make juice, jams, the chinola flavoured syrup is used on shaved ice and it is also eaten raw sprinkled with sugar.

In Puerto Rico, where its called Parcha, it is widely believed to lower blood pressure. This is probably because it contains harmala alkaloids and is a mild RIMA.

In Brazil, passion fruit mousse is a common dessert, and passion fruit seeds are routinely used to decorate the tops of certain cakes. Passion fruit juice is also very common.

In Indonesia it is eaten straight as a fruit. It is common to strain the passionfruit for its juice and cook it with sugar to make some sort of thick syrup. It is then mixed with water and ice to be drunk.

In Hawaii, it is known as 'lilikoi', it is normally eaten raw. Lilikoi-flavored syrup is a popular topping for shave ice. Ice cream and mochi are also flavored with lilikoi, as well as many other desserts such as cookies, cakes, and ice cream. Lilikoi is also favored as a jam, jelly, as well as a butter. Lilikoi fruits are not widely available in stores, so most of the fruit eaten comes from backyard gardens or wild groves.

Passion fruit juice or syrup is an essential ingredient of some cocktails, particularly the hurricane and the Peruvian maracuya sour.

In South Africa, passion fruit is used to flavor yogurt. It is also used to flavour soft drinks such as Schweppes Sparkling Granadilla and numerous cordial drinks.

Source : Wikipedia

^^Enjoy Eating Fruits Everyday^^

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back To The Begining

When we already used to something or someway to do something. Is really hard to change from the old to new way..It might time very long time to adapt to new thing...

I'm already used to drive auto car. But now suddenly want me to drive manual car...Not that I dont like manual car (I do love to drive manual car)...It's because I'm already used to auto car. Now I feel like I'm back to the begining when I start learning to drive.

.....Hope I can faster get rid of it.....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is VERY CUTE version of TVXQ aka 东方神起






Source from cirrus_lynn

They are so cute..I cant stop looking at them...Actually the gif. file is created based on the Mirotic MV..YooChun and Junsu gif. file is the cutest...hahaha...If you want to know more about the gif. files means.. Can go and watch TVXQ - Mirotic MV..Haha..

***TVXQ Hwaiting***

JeaJoong starring in Heaven Postman

Han Hyo Joo and Kim Jaejoong are confirmed to be co-stars in their upcoming drama.

Jae will act as a messenger between the dead (who are in heaven) and their family and friends (who are still living). His character is very deep and mysterious. Han Hyo Joo will act as a pure and innocent girl who lost her loved one but cannot forget him. However, after working with Jaejoong at the same job, she slowly falls in love with him.This episode of the mini-series is 120 minutes long, and the entire plot is a love story. About the kiss scene, the director says that in the drama "the two (Jae and HHJ) have mutual feelings for each other. During a beautiful sunset, one of them (not specified) says 'I want to kiss you', followed by a very touching kiss scene."

They have rehearsed the drama seven times already, and Jaejoong's acting has improved significantly.

The drama is due to be aired May, 2009 on SBS.

Source from DBSKer

I'm an university student~!

After struggled for so many years. UCSI finally become an UNIVERSITY...It's not 'university college' anymore...I want to clarify that i'm not a 'college' student or even not an 'university college' student..Please bare in mind!!!!!...I'M AN UNIVERSITY STUDENT.

This is the UCSI previous logo

I guess many people also saw this logo before. Recently there are plenty UCSI's advertisements around including on newspapers, banner, banting, and in the radio. Before that I saw the banner of UCSI while on the way to Malacca. Oh my.. Speechless....

This is the latest logo for UCSI University

UCSI University was in the news.

UCSI University have so many campus

1. Kuala Lumpur Campus (South Wing and North Wing)

2. Terengganu Campus

3. Blue Ocean Strategy Regoinal Center

4. Sarawak Campus
For more informations, you may log on to

I didn't mean to help for promoting them but just I want to let anyone know that I'm an university student and no offence..Thanks...LOLZ...


Conversation with someone:

Unknown: Where are u studying?

Me: ME? Studying at UCSI.

Unknown: UCSI? Where is it?

Me: Neh~ The one located at Taman Connaught.

Unknown: Oh. Sedaya College is it?


See! WTFish you la!! (LOLz. Learned from S0hp0h)..This conversation always happen to me..Many people only know Sedaya College which is the original name for my university..Hello!!...They had changed their name to UCSI and even upgraded to university already laa...~ Dude~

~I'LL Eat You Up~

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pokemon Instant Mee Cup

I saw a package very cute and colourful....and I try to see or read the what it is actually...but....I couldn't understand cause all the description in japanese language.. Actually I found it at 100YEN shop.

This the pokemon mee cup looks like.

I opened it and it inside looks like this....~

I was thinking....what is that...? can be eaten???? It looks so hard and so much colouring!!! ..

Then I added hot water into it..and waited for 3 minutes.....


Finally cooked

The soup is chicken flavour and the pikachu tasted like chicken ham....I wondering how they made it...

**Mee Cup**

100% for Myself

I'm not praising myself but I just feel that I'd done my presentation better than lasttime. This time I presented within the time and I also able to answer the questions asked by those penallists.

But very saddened by my friends were late for my presentation and I could not see them while i'm presenting..After presentation they only reached...LOLz..

It's actually not their fault also, they were came on time. It is because my presentation time was bring forward about 30minutes earlier without notice. Thanks for coming to give support for me...! hehe..And also received some sms from my schoolmate wishing me all the best..Thanks you too..Muacks! and I also received wishes from my dear~ thanks too...muacks

Oh my! Thanks god that I already reached there by that time..If I'm not reaching early for practice purpose..I may be late and they might kick me out of the room for being late~ Haha..

***100% for today***

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It saddened me greatly

I was thinking to enjoy the concert right after my Individual Project 1 presentation. The plan was very nice but it got worst after I'd received the news that FahRenHeit's concert will be postponed to NEXT YEAR (28 MARCH 2009) ...WHAT THE HELL!!!!!~~~ I'm going to ....*censored*....

I was thought that I would be very enjoyed in this end of the year...And now they telling me that it's postponed..!

Really can't accept it!!!... I'm so disappointed and really saddened by the news...
PLEASE...NO MORE DISAPPOINTMENT AGAIN.!..(Actually I'm not really that saddened by the news. I already be ready for it)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Being tagged without notice that no good loh..Tag me to did not inform me. Until i tag u only i realised that i being tagged also. This one is harder because it dont really have the question and the answer can be very very long...

Rules :

1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tag back...or else i going to stab your back!!!


I start answering:

1) I have a small pillow that following me since i'm a baby until now.....and will be forever.
I love that pillow so much...It has some smell that i couldn't explain, I will called it as "my baby's smell"..... I just like it so much...

2) When i have my meal at outside, normally i only will choose between meal or drink. If i have the drink, i wont eat..because i'm sure i cant finish up both.

3) I always cant wake up on time when I have my class at the morning. and when comes to holiday, i always wake up at 8am! Automatically wake....*angry*

4) I likes art/designing thing. But i dont likes to study art~ Lolzz...weird right?

5) I dislikes diamond.. Haha..What a weird thing again?!...I'm a girl but i dont likes those things....Maybe i'm having too much logical thinking. HAHAH!!!!! In mineralogy, diamond is the allotrope of carbon where the carbon atoms are arranged in an isometric-hexoctahedral crystal lattice.(Wikipedia, 2008) That why i dont like and DIAMOND can be degraded in time....SRY!..

6) I scare to be in the dark but when I sleep ..I must turn off the light! lolzz....

7) Too hygienic. Worrying too much actually!

8) Sometime i'm looks like a boy. I play games that boy loves to play (online games, snooker, pool, futsal, basketball,watch animations and bla bla bla), or dont I ?

9) Shopaholic sometimes. When I have money, I will buy whatever i likes!

10) Love to listen to TVXQ's songs even they are in Korean language. Haha

11) I dislikes carbonated drinks. I really dont likes it. Too many reason for that.....But normally people loves to choose carbonated drinks rather than fruit juices....

12) Love to take photos even do not have a good camera. That is my great hobbies ever.

13) Youtube all the time...I love to youtube a lot..If one day, my modem spoiled...I will just sleep and maybe study...lolz...*touchwood*

14) Love to discuss about life... Discuss about anything..or other words, it called "gossip" and chatting for nothing...LOLZ...

15) Love to imagine...imagine and try to be creative in some way...Sometimes too creatives until people cant accept it~

16) JUST FOR EXTRA fun.... I HATE memorizing things..Dont ask me to memorize..So my mobile phone will be my best secretary ever..It helps to remind me for my all the things to be done, allow me to contact anyone and keep my things well...

You have been tagged:
(Those who read my blog)
1) s0hpoh
2) Wailuen
3) Wuiyan
4) Zhehan
5) Zhekxian
6) KevinFromMaple
7) Kaoru
8) ChinMaan

First time being TAGGED

1.What's your most favourite colour?
- Green (recently)

2. Who is the most important to you?
- Family

3. How often do you think of committing suicide?
- No way

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
- Yes. If I have enough money

5. How many babies you want?
- 2 to 4

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
- Yes (in the morning) and No (at night)

7. What is your goal for this year?
- Enjoy for my thesis and get my hair done with different style

8. Do you believe in eternity love?
- Yes, If there is only one guy in this world

9. What's a perfect girlfriend/boyfriend like to u? (List 10)
-Know to cook
-Understanding and loyal
-No need to be so clever, a little clussy
-Put me at the first place of his heart
-NON smoker
-Good in sport
-Always smiling

10.What are you really afraid of?

11.What is your bad habit?
- Very emotional

12. What's your opinion with Distance relationship?
- Hurtful yet lovely

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
- Yes

14. What does flying means to you?
-Put ur ass in the air!!

15. What do you crave for the most currently?
- No idea for that

16. Are you single/relationship?
- In a relationship

17. Describe the person who tagged you in 7 words.
- What a greatest person in this world (One sentence with 7 words) HAHA

18.What have you done to yourself make yourself happy?
- everything related to TVXQ

19. What is the worst case scenario happen to you in your life?
-Lost somebody that important in my life

20.What do you wish for your birthday present?
- Taking photos with TVXQ

Instructions: Remove one question from above and add in your personal question. Make a total of 20 questions and tag 5 people. List them out at the end of the post.Notify them in their cbox that they've been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

1) s0hpoh
2) Dinpoh
3) wuiyan
4) Zhehan
5) Zhekxian

6) Kaoru
7) ChinMaan

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween '08

Very first time I join this halloween party.. I'm a person that very very EXTREMELY scare to play those ghostly thing..Sometimes I feel it is very creepy...lolz...So I will not play those "ghost house" at theme parks or whatever funfair. But the weird thing is I likes to watch animation called "Ghost Hunt", Haha...maybe it is more to scientific rather scary scenes. Hehe..

I know the photos is very dark...I didn't want to make it brighter..If not, it wont be so creepy feel...LOLZ.~

What if I put this make up while I go shopping..??? Must be very scary, right?

This are the handsome yet young young bartenders~ Hehe...

2 another witches of the day...lolz...they really well prepared..

Here's come our BEST COSTUME OF THE DAY. Congratulation!!!...Let me tell you one more thing.. The gaun was handly made by herself.....

Mei Shan and Carine ....and there is someone behind there...Mr. Gilbert...Trying to give some spooky effect...Thanks ya...

Haha..i likes this one....It is not scary at all..but very funny..!!! hahahaa.. Billy really good in acting...
This is the most famous mask in the party...It really looks scary when in the dark...Hehe.. This si the only one full face mask.. Others only half mask. That's why it is so famous. Haha..

I'm eating eye~~.Dont know human eye or animal eye...Haha...Try to guess what is it..~

This is the special Halloween set.. Very tasty...haha...If possible, I wish to eat it again...I likes to eat the one looks like sunflower. It very crispy...haha..

The party was really enjoyed..They had planned a lot of games to play..I plan to go again next year..Haha..That time i must try my best to put on best costume, if I have plenty of time for it. Haha..

*Happy Halloween*

Monday, November 3, 2008


Thanks dear...thanks for pre-ordered the album for me....Muacks...I love it so so so so so much........But ofcourse not as much as I love u lohh!!! (Dont vomit!!Thanks)...LOLZ.
LOLz..but until today I still haven't open the package..I'm not dare to open it...I'm not dare to touch it..I'm worry that I will spoil it...So just left it there untouch...I can see inside of it have 2 badges. One is Hero and one is Micky...What a good combination!!!! Haha...

*Muacks Muacks Muacks*