Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shifting Location

I'M SO TIRED! Helping my family members to shift the computer room to larger store room. Hooray. Definitely twice of the size of the computer room..Now I no need to squeeze those wire behind my comp. LOLZ.

After relocated all my computer's room furniture to larger room. Me and my sis need to paint the store room, the previous computer room. We experiencing hardness when we try to paint the room. The room was so small and need to squeeze 2 person for painting. My palm and foot totally fully of the paint. LOLz. Very embarassing..lolz. Remember my this advise, NEVER PAINT YOUR ROOM BY YOURSELF especially you are girl. It's very tiring.

There are a lot of blogs I havent posted. Those trips and celebrations I need to blog it later. I'm so sorry for it. I did not have any extra time for blogging currently, plus I havent gather all photos from my friends. LOLZ..

Boon Boon, Peng Peng and also Shan Shan...Photos~ Please~ I cant wait to see those photos.!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas 081224 (1)

This christmas I'm fully booked..Lolz. Joking only. Today and tomorrow I was fully utilise my time. Sure not a lonely christmas for this year.

So here, I'm wishing everyone to have a great and blasting christmas eve.

I found this year christmas's decoration at shopping center were not very attractive. I noticed that most of the shopping mall using the same decoration as last year. *coughcheapskatecough*.. LOLZ. Maybe they wants to cut cost for decoration and use those money for others purposes. But the petrol's price drop so much. No need to save cost already laa.

My goddess~.. I'm sorry that I didn't update my blog consistently. Yesterday I logged in my blog thought of updating it. Then I found something that REALLY suprised me. It's SHE, Carine Choong, from Miss Astro Pageant 2008. She viewed my blog and also leave comment in my blog too. I'm felt so lucky to have her view my blog. I'm always wanted to meet her in-person. Now it came true!!! Hooray~

Oh yeah~ I had created a new title's image for my blog. I hope it looks nice. Comment on it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Carine's Indulgence

Boredom still going on and holiday is going to the end. Yet I'm did not satified with my enjoyment for my holiday in this sem. So bored. Bored for manything. Manything cant reach to my plan.

This sem full of dissapointment and sadness... What else can I say? Nothing more I can do. The most important problem still havent be solved.

Anyway, Wanna to play something?
My sis told me to play this... Very funny...

At your comp, go to "Start"-->Run--->type in "telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl" n enter n wait.. Dont worry. It is not a virus stuff. It is just a short movie about StarWars. It's fun to watch.~

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Messed Up

Totally messed up....All the things messed together...Just like ice blender. Blended all things together and now I guess I'm having big problem.

All my wonderful plan gone, GONE, GONE!!!! All gone. I was planned to finish my thesis lab part in the early of Nov. So I have more time on my calculation and thesis-writing part. But all messed up. I cant start my lab early and the worst thing I have to wait till next year while my school started, I only can start my lab. thing.

I really upset when all my things cant gone as how I'd planned. But never mind. I already used to it. I already ready for those delay-ing problems.

I wont care anymore. I must enjoy now. Enjoy the up-coming trip...Wahaha. Keep all my stresses and burden aside for now. Play with no limit. Lolz. Christmas is very near which also mean new year 2009 just around the corner. LOLZ.

*Life is a piece of Art without an Eraser*

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It will not be accepted.

I heard that TVXQ/DBSK's song called Mirotic will be banned due to their lyrics. This is BIG THANKS to Korean's GOV. I noticed there are some changes edited in the lyric~ All the lyric part is ok, because they are the same. LOLZ. but when comes to the chorus part! OH MY GOD!!! I really cant accept it... They had replaced it with 'under my sky' instead of 'under my skin'

I really dont understand what is the problem with the 'skin'. They are like taking away the spirit of the song after the replaced it with 'sky'

The pronounciation of both words are different, and this affected the flow of the song.. Oh no!!!!!!...Plus I really dont know what is the 'sky' meant!?..What does it mean? That's why I said it will changed the 'spirit' of the song! 'Under my skin' is mean 'you are under my control'. So what does the 'sky' mean? 'Under my world'? It totally did not give the sense of it.

Anyway, TVXQ are the BEST..

^Still & Always^
Under My Skin

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Puzzle Marathon

Yesterday I did not do blog because I'm having the Puzzle marathon~..Puzzle/jigsaw was one of my favourite hobbies. I usually make it as my pass time work since lasttime I dont have a lot of toys to play. So I have plenty of time for puzzle-ing.
I challenge myself for finishing the puzzle (1000 pieces) as fast as I can.

The starting was very good. I got the outline/flame as my guideline for the inner part. That time was 12noon.

At 6pm, I'm finally finished half part of it. The puzzle is so hard. Mickey and Minnie..I saw you~ LOLZ. I'm so exciting although I only finished half only.

Here comes the hard part. I never thought of that the harder part will be the ferris wheel. The picture at below is taken just be I went to sleep. About 1am~

The next morning I wake up and continued the marathon from 11am. 1000pieces of puzzle marathon was ended at 1pm. Yes~! I need less than 24 hours to finished it.. Yes..

Thanks Mr. LXB for supplied the puzzle for the marathon. LOLZ.


It's nice to see, nice to hold, and not for marathon~

I'm very satisfied with the result but I got back pain now. I wont do this marathon anymore.

People~, Please Dont Have Puzzle Marathon.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What is happening?

I'm really really impressed by the technology around the world...I seen a lot people creating many new thing such as computer, handphone, light, satelite, aeroplane and many many more..Their hard work shown us that manything is possible to happen....

I found these videos very interesting..What I really dont understand is the second video. They make it so real but till today I didn't heard any news about it...

The first video is about engineer created a "walkable dinosaur".
(Walking Dinosaurs Live Not CG 歩行恐竜)

The second video is about they found a dinosaur, while they said it is a ROBOTIC dinosaur..And they said they found the foot-print?? and also they also discussed about the 'plant-eater' and they also talking about it's gender??? I'm wondering it is a real dino or just some acting....

*Nothing is Impossible*

Monday, December 8, 2008

The sky is smiling to us

Sky is smiling to us. It know we are having hard time in struggling for something, for examples, our life, our family, our friendship and wealth too. It understand the burden that we carrying which bring us down sometimes. It understand our feeling. It is showing some support and love to everyone at around the world.

We are seeing the same smile no matter where you are, who you are and no matter what you feeling that time.. I really hope all of my friends could see it too.. Even we didn't meet with each other for long time. I do hope our friendship is forever.

Take care , My friends~

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Yo ..I found lots of Mirotic version. For examples, piano version and instrument version. Both of them ..VERY NICE... I cant stop from listening to it..I do try to sing with the only instrument slong..I found out there is very hard for me to sing along. There are many possibility, as in, I havent memorize the lyric or I totally dont have talent in singing..I guess the second possibility is higher..LOLz...

This is the Mirotic (only instrument version) version

And this is the Mirotic Piano version

Everybody Enjoy...