Friday, March 27, 2009

First Blogging at Uni Library.

This is the first time I blog in my university's library. Thanks to the slow internet and I got nothing to do. I cant log in too much website which also trigger the line to be slower. All I can do is blogging. Blogging just typing words. It wont give any big impact to the line..lolz.

What I had done in my uni today.
Let's start from 8am, I reached to school and waiting for the lab to open. The lab opened at 8.15am and without wasting more time. I start my final year project lab while waiting for my mate to come.

The lab was finished at 3pm. The whole lab is very smooth. Smoother than previous lab which many small accident and incident happen and caused our lab to be late. lolz. If I given chance to give a percent marks for today's lab.. I would give 95%...ahhaah.. Another 5% is because of the pH meter a little 'cacat' (spoiled)

Oppsss... I have to stop here.. Outside is raining already.. I need to go back to home now...Tata...


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Too Much Of......

I found there were too many websites about TVXQ's 'official site'..i'm not sure which one is true..but whose care..lolz. i just joined all of them..lolz...Dont care it is a fan club or forum..just join...Just want to get the latest news of TVXQ and share it with all TVXQ's fans....

Recently I found one TVXQ website. It's said it is the Malaysia Official Fan Club website(

I still thinking about to join it or not...The membership privileges seems very good lolz...

**TVXQ is More Than I Know**

Saturday, March 21, 2009

So stupid

I'm been so stupid for manything..All this incident happen within ONLY one week..In this one week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10080 minutes, 604800seconds. I had gone through a lot ups and downs in my life. And as my conclusion for the week, is 'i'm stupid'

Stupid for doing thing that not worth..Stupid for spending my precious time for something which lastly return me tons of sadness and disappointment. Stupid for trusting in HUMAN. Stupid for crying and hurting myself for stupid thing.

**Stupidness week**

Monday, March 9, 2009


God dam it....What is happening....I found a China Group MV...90% same with TVXQ's MV...I was dam dam dam angry with that...

I tried to find out what is really happening...Many ppl said that group having the same Director of TVXQ had one. SO their MV and dance are quite similar...Please la...Korean company will share their songs..but i dun think they will share the MV idea, also let them copy the MV and dance ler...For me, it such stupid mistakes ever. Why why why...?

The MV created a lot arguing between TVXQ's fans and TOPCOMBINE(TC)'s fans...For me, I really dun like TC. They do it on purpose..they trying to get attention for everyone with their MV looks like TVXQ one...I pretty felt them so stupidness and they are so cheapskate..

Got ppl said TC MV looks like TVXQ purple line..But for me, it just looks like O-jun ban hap..
Check it out....



Muacks TVXQ