Friday, January 13, 2012

See, Learn, Work

The best to improve the way u r now is to See others ppl, learn from their action no matter good or bad,and Work it out the best u learned. You have to know how other think about u and don't self center urself. You will never grow and always will be the same place.

I really love to ask how i can be more better and atleast i learned something new a day. Upgrading and providing myself with imformative knowledge so i can be a better person everyday.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Life is complicated

Everyday there are new born babies, and at the same moment there will be people's who leaving this world.

Life is so meaningful and it can be so complicated as it ruin others life. As I stated in my previous post,I only want simple life and just want to have all lovely and meaningful memories will all my love ones.

My wishes in this year is as simple as ABC. Wish everyone that I know live happily and no sadness..

Just want tell u all...
I love you all... and live a happily ever after..

Monday, January 9, 2012

First stupid people in 2012 I met

*Laughing* How can such dumb ppl can be surviving in 2012..they should have be died in 2011.

No no, they are not dumb ppl. I think they more on little ppl whoever will stab back u at behind. Why 'it' just think they are so good at all thing...Never take responsibility with their work. but go and disturb ppl's work.

If you damn free, please go and make appointment with doctor. Mental doctor is recommended for you. You no manner at all. The way you speak is just like un-educated ppl. Anyway, you are un-educated. Trying hard to act like you damn high class and speak like a princess. Please....It is so weird~ You looks like a weirdo to me~ Dumb ppl.. haha

This year mission- stay away from dumb ppl~

Happy 2012

Yea!!! Finally new year...Wish everyone going to have a great and blasting year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No bad thing
No bad people
No back stab
No stupid people around

Good in fortune
Good in relationship
Good in everything