Monday, June 29, 2009

Yunho looked at the camera and smile........

OMG....his smile is killing me.....I really wish I was there and sang along with them...

TVXQ..Hwaiting...I will always support TVXQ in Malaysia.....

This is the full version.....How come he keep on looking on his eft side.....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Squeezing something in

Yaya...I know that it's been years no updates for my blog..This is my life after I started to work. But i will try to update it little by little.

Ok..Something to share in working life here. I love my job and there is alot lot lot lot of things that I still have to learn. It's really different from study life. When u studying, no worry and can skip class whenever u want to... But now work life, everything is about rule unless u have ur own company, then u can play it all. As me, communication skill is important and I really need to improve it in a very very short time...No time for me to rest...

And really thanks for my family, my dear and friends who morally support me and care for me. They give me the power to be stronger and stronger. I will be strong as I had growth up now.

Especially for U, My Beloved Daddy,

Daddy, Happy Father's Day. Hope U can read this. I want to tell U this, I GOT A JOB and I love my job too..I will try my very best on my job... Of coz I want to tell that I love you always...

My latest look...heheh

Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Absolute Boyfriend" on TV!

Yes~~..I'm going to watch it again on 8TV..This story i so funny yet so touching at the ending...I going to watch it again again and again...

Just to remind myself,Absolute boyfriend play at 8TV, time 3.00pm..

I had such a lousy I have to use my blog as my reminder...Lolz.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lost and Gain

Long long timeeeeeeeee did not update my blog...Manything to blog actually ..Just that I lazy to psot it up after I started to work. Now I just undergoes training sessions. Still have one week to go..After that, I will be dealing with real situation. I will try my best since I not really experience to it...and I must learn to speak in mandarin. Must learn..This is the biggest weakness of me. I must try to get it over!!!!

After I got job...I found that I lost and gain alot of things.

My student life
My student privilege
My online time
My yamcha time
My holidayssssss
My freedom
My movie time
My sing k time
My shopping time
My youtube time for TVXQ and bla bla bla

Working Experience

Lost and Gain