Monday, August 25, 2008

Holiday DAY 7

So many activities to be done for last few days. So i skipped my some of my blogs and try to squeeze it all in one blog. LOLZ. This is 'lazy' sign. Haha.

Continue from 'Holiday DAY 2', I supposingly watched finish the 'Absolute BoyFriend' on Thurday night, but I was been invited to go out to have a drink with my friends. So I have to temporary to stop chasing it for a while. Haha. Me and my friends went to Kuchai Lama to eat 'dim sum'. Oh no! I already break the most important rule to "not to eat after 10pm". ARGH!!!~

We found a dimsum very special. I never thought chinese dim sum restaurant also sell 'siput' or snail in cheese.

It tasted very nice and I love it. Worth to eat. The texture of the snail is chewy and it very match to serve with cheese. The snail was baked with the cheese on top. Thus the surface of the cheese with a bit crispy while inside is soft and sticky. Really good to eat at rainy night.~

I reached home at 3am! Waoh. So early~ Pretty thanks to the chinese tea, I'm quite allegic to the chinese tea. i will be so awake if i drink tea at night. When i reached home at 3am and I'm not sleepy, so i choose to continue the 'Absolute Boyfriend' and watched finish it until 4am++~. (+.#) my god. The ending so touching!!!~ I'm cried a lot when i watch it.

The next day I still wake up at 9am. Haha.. I feel like I din sleep at all. In holiday DAY 4, Me and my sis was attended to the 'HotShot' promotion held at Sunway Piramid. In the middle of the promotion, i'm feel blurring, maybe i'm do not get enough sleep(maybe got electric shock from XiaoZhu) LOLZ!. Xiao Zhu very handsome and cute while other girl very pretty and she really really tall. She taller than XiaoZhu. Haha

That time i was stood very near to them. I can see their faces very clear. And my sis she brought the photo ablum so she can the signature from them. Beside only for the signature, she also have another purpose to buy it. Haha. Is to get near to XiaoZhu. XiaoZhu is not always come to MY. So must appreciate the chances to meet with them.

Yeah. Lantern festival is just around the corner. Long life!!!! I can play lantern and also the candles. LOLZ.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Holiday DAY 2

Still wake up at early in the morning but i laying on my bed until 11am. Thanks for the weather. Because that morning is raining.So I lazy to get up~ Bahah. Yes. Yesterday i only bath my two dogs only. Did not done anything at all. Absolutely lazy to do anything..Ya. When i talk about 'absolute'. *Evil's smiles*

Yesterday I watch a japanese drama series called 'Absolute BoyFriend'. DAM NICE. I chasing this drama non stop for whole. Then you should know why I didn't done anything. LOLZ.

The name of this drama is Zettai Kareshi/Absolute Boyfriend

The synopsis of this story is about a girl, Riiko Izawa who got rejected her love by her loves one. While she trying to forget about the sad story in a bar, then she accidently met by the salesman from Kronos Heaven company which doing the survey on find an absolute perfect boyfriend for girls. Without thinking too much and great persuading from the salesman. She accepted the survey and she try to create a boyfriend's characteristic she wants. Few days later, she received a big delivery box from the company and inside is her ABSOLUTE BOYFIREND. Since then her life have changed.

Main Cast
Hayami Mokomichi as Tenjo Night
Aibu Saki as Izawa Riko
Mizushima Hiro as Asamoto Soshi

Actually this drama is live version from manga(comic version). The storyline in the drama is different from the manga

If I has a chance too, I also want to build an absolute boyfriend for myself....*Evil's laugh*

Hope everyone also enjoy this movie. Really good and worth to watch. Hayami Mokomichi so handsome and he really looks like a prefect guy. LOLZ...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Holiday DAY 1

Yeah. Is holiday~.. But still wake up at early at the morning.. about 8 am ++. I will be like automatically wake up.. I've done just little things from my planned lists but atleast..i have done something in this holiday...haha.

I had cleaned up my study table and now it so tidy until i dont want to mess it up again. Haha. Then I was planned to bath my dogs yesterday. Unfortunately, my sis asked to go out for teatime's drink at Tesco. Hehe. Oh ya!. Yesterday i'm so happy because one of my primary schoolmate called me. Without thinking too much, I ask her out for drink at yesterday night. Haha.

'Ta Kip Chan Yid' (mean Dont wait for things to come).

She also invited some others friends to go along which i also known them. We have our drink until 12.30am and actually we start drink at 9pm something. Woah! This is what i meant holiday! Lasttime when schoolling, I wont go out until that late, because normally my bedtime is about 11pm to 12pm.(Many of my friends said that my sleeping time SO EARLY~) Haha. If not later, my eyes will become red and my mind started to become blur and dope. LOLZ.

Here are randomly photos that taken yesterday. And the location is at JJ's Music and Pub.
Me and Amanda, my primary school mate. Really happy to have her as my friend.

And here are the gang for that day.
Right: Choon Ming, Carine, Amanda, Yew Ming. Lolz..Got 2 'ming' ..haha..

Ya. Besides that, I already started to play MapleStory with my new character. I played it for 2 days and my character reached to lvl 83. And now it is lvl 100++. Hopefully it can be leveled to lvl 200 as fast as I can. Haha.

My character details
My character cute or not? Haha. And dont mention about my character's name.. I know it is weird. Haha.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Finally my exams is over for this sem. LOLz. Still have few more sems to go. But now I feel so relaxed, so relaxed without worry of laboratory reports, no worry for assignments and no worry for manything. Feeling so good without all those things. Haha.
Since now my holiday is started. I want to plan some activities to do. If not, wasted this holiday by just staying at home.
The thing that I plan :

1) Watch 'Hot Shot'
2) Update my blog as much as I can (so lame)
3) Start back to play MapleStory
4) Throw those study notes. (I will be happier if I can burn it)
5) Follow and update myself with TVXQ's news
6) Watch TVXQ's concerts
7) Bake some cakes or cookies (If I really too bored)
8) Go for vacations (atleast once)
9) Go to karaoka
10) Go jogging and exercises
11) Look for old friends for a drink (as I already promised them)
12) Try new hair cut (if possble)
13) Tidy up my study room (quite messy when I having my exams)
14) Prepare for new sems
15) Clean up my car
16) Bath my dogs
17) Watch movie at cinema
18) Go for FishSpa
19) Shopping!!!!!!! (Is the most important thing to do)

Opps...i guess i had listed too much.. Flash-back....~ I ONLY HAVE 2 weeks holidays.. What a short holidays for such a lot of thing to do...



Thursday, August 14, 2008

Roses that can be eaten?

Here is the photo of the roses kuih.
On the left handside is looks clearer.

Actually it is a normal kuih muih that can be found everywhere. But this kuih's designed as roses..I dont know how they can make it and where they get the ideas. The outer layer is pandan flavoured and it chewy. The inner part is yellow colour paste and tasted sweet. The texture of it is more or less like mashpotato. When I hold the kuih in the air, it looks so nice. The outer layer a bit transparent so when i hold to the sunlight, it like growing in light plus the skin is very glossy.
Something like this...(i couldn't get the photo because i'm busy eating it that time. Haha)

The roses in this photo is a lollipop, i guess.

I wondering how it will looks like if really put in a bouquet of roses..


Because it can be seen, can be smelled, can be touched and even can be EATED and also it is very CHEAP...LOLZ

Sunday, August 3, 2008

TVXQ 2008 new released song

After TVXQ staying at Japan for about 3years, now they released their new single which consists 2 new songs and they are
1)Box in the ship
2)Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan darou(Why have I falling for You?)

TVXQ already released 22 single album in Japan and this is the 23rd single album

Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattandarou MV is out..For TVXQ fans, must watch the MV. This song is touch and i already falling for TVXQ once again. This time is more deeper. The rhythm and the trend of their style was a little different. And you know what!! The MV is NICE.. and so the lyric, The lyric is so meaningful. This song also made TVXQ to make a new record in Orican chart, one of the music chart in Japan.

I'm waiting for the release of Box is the ship MV..

TVXQ Fighting...~

(Let me know if I have made any wrong information.)

Malay Song that attracted my attention

Has been a very long time I didn't listen to malay song after TVXQ rule my life~ LOLZ..~

This is the new malay song that I listening currently.
"Phlowtron - Bicara Neguran"
Phlowtron is the group and i dont really understand the meaning of it. anyway it sound nice. hehe. This group consists 3 peoples, 2 guys and a girl.

I guess this song is not new to everyone..This song was launched in 2007 if I not mistaken. Haha. I watched this Bicara Neguran MV when I palying Pool/Snooker, since then I fall in love with the song. Actually I cant listen to the language that they sang for the first time. The rhythm of the song got my attention.

Here is the lyric of the song

Phlowtron - Bicara Neguran
Kuala Lumpur!!!…
Tiba masanya untuk Phlowtechanology!
Andika! Khazanah! Alia! Ulat bulat!Phlowtron!!!…

Jika dunia ini hanya sementara
Seumpama sutradara manusia boneka
Layar lara, satu ketika kisah yang membara
Gadis dara yang dilanda dilema
Sandera rencana, matanya hanya pada yang kaya
Jangan lupa! Pengorbanan dan pencabulan diri
Maksudnya berbeza jauh berbeda
Jadi pabila caramu dibubar oleh kiasan Khazanah
Ku hanya menyatu kamu dengan intisari rizab Malaya pusaka
Jika ghairah dengan hiasan dunia semata-mata
Tiada gembira tiada bahagia
Jika mukadimah cara hidup mata duitan
Suci daranya tiada sinarnya

Kau fikirkan dua
Dimanakah ia?
Yang kau sangka
Mengabur mata


Masihkah kau tertanya-tanya arah tuju dan haluan?


Kau menyambut kembali binasa hati tak berkeruan

Yang menghancur diri jadi buka mata,
Terima gemar irama wahai adinda,
Dunia hanya sementara dua rupa,
Asal –usul tradisi di lupa sahaja,
Kebahagiaan mu akan hadir jua,
Jika kau lupakan pastinya kan bersua,
Hapuskan nafsu yang menodai jiwa mu,
Biarlah pergi beban dari bahumu

CHORUS:-(Repeat 2X)

Kebahagiaan jelas di hadapan mata,
Yang buruk sah dipilih sungguhpun yang baik nyata,
Asal usul tradisi dilupakan saja,
Bukalah mata, wahai adinda,
Kaulah pemberi nyawa kurniaan yang indah,
Pada kau hanya yang lacur diberi endah,
Sederet emas-emasan yang tak sudah,
Tidakkah kau lihat wajah-wajah memandang rendah,
Harga dirimu hanya sekecil talam,
Sebenar-benar dirimu dibiar karam,
Sungguh jarang kau tatang cahaya malam,
Jangan biar jiwamu berkecai sehalus garam,
Waktu-waktu yang lalu tak mungkin kembali,
Bagai jagung hangus kau mereka diri,
Kini masanya kau menyoal akan diri,
Tidak pernah lewat tuk hidupmu kembali abadi

CHORUS:(Repeat 2X)

And this is the MV of the song...Everybody Enjoy!!!~