Friday, October 31, 2008

My Blingy K800

What you need it this!~ Choose your style and think what type of the design you wish to put onto your hp case. I choose to not to stick the blingy thing directly on to my hp because I worry that I don't like the design...lolz. Just for safety....

I not really likes pink but this colour is the best for my hp and it is very easy to match with my outfit. LOLZ~~


What is this fruit?

I been wondering what I'm eating this...I asked my mom and she answered "It's called '8 Lei Heong' ". If anyone what is the scienctific name of this fruit or other name of it.....Let me know...Haha...

This fruit is very tasty and very juicy inside. I guess many people cant accept it tasted, especially guy. Haha.. It tasted very sour and sweet. But the sour taste already overtake the sweet taste...lolz. that is why many guy could not accept it.?

Is eat the middle yellowish seed. Looks like worm, right? But is tasted good.

Finished eat...Haha..

~The End~

Thursday, October 30, 2008

BoA - Eat You Up

I started to like BoA's songs. Her songs is just the type that I'm looking for but this doesn't mean I'll left behind TVXQ and Fahrenheit..Their places can't be replaced...Haha...

This 'Eat You Up' sound sexy and it's sang in English language.. Atleast I will understand what she trying to sing and her dance is cool. I loves to see her in Hip-Hop style. She so matched with it..

Here is the lyric

BoA - Eat You Up

When I first saw you
I knew nothing's like it used to be
Boy, You have got to be the finest thing in history
The way I feel inside is just so hard to understand
You feed my appetite in ways I can't explain

I'll eat you up (your love, your love)
I'll eat you up (your love, your love)
OhOh OhOh (I'll eat you up)
OhOh OhOh (So yum yum)
OhOh OhOh (Can't get enough)
OhOh OhOh Oh Oh (I think I'm in love)

If you moved any closer Boy there is no guarantee
What I will do to you feel it and it's scaring me
Like I've become some kind of demon in the night
You look so tasty I could eat you up alive

I'll eat you up (your love, your love)
I'll eat you up (your love, your love)
OhOh OhOh (I'll eat you up)
OhOh OhOh (So yum yum)
OhOh OhOh (Can't get enough)
OhOh OhOh Oh Oh (I think I'm in love)

I can't stop thinking the things that I wanna do to you
If you move any closer, you'd be asking for it too
I want your love, I need your touch
So much, I think I'm in love

I'll eat you up (your love, your love)
I'll eat you up (your love, your love)
OhOh OhOh (I'll eat you up)
OhOh OhOh (So yum yum)
OhOh OhOh (Can't get enough)
OhOh OhOh Oh Oh (I think I'm in love)

I wanna take you to my room (I'll eat you up)
I wanna take you to my room (OhOh OhOh)
OhOh OhOh (I'll eat you up)
OhOh OhOh (So yum yum)
OhOh OhOh (Can't get enough)
OhOh OhOh Oh Oh (I think I'm in love)

I'll eat you up....(X3)

The link to the MV
*BoA-Eat You Up*

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Miss ASTRO Chinese International Pageant 2008

We were too free and attended the event at Arena Star, Genting. Actually there is another reason for me to go there...I'm went there to give support to Carine. Lolz..She same name with me and maybe is fate. My family and I were sat in the Carine's supporters area. LOLZ..I'm was overwhelmed for the moment...LOLZ..Because they shouting my name..lolz...*sry for that*

The feeling when I watch the show on the live is different from watch on the TV, even both of them were live on air. but the environment makes me feel exciting and very enjoyed. When I was there, I can see manything that I couldn't see through TV. I noticed the management and backstage workers were running all the way and they were controlling the stage. I can feel the stresses that they faced. They really done a well job...It is not easy to hold a live show. WELL DONE...

Quite a lot of ppl attending..

~The End~

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Searching Myself from the Internet

Have you ever try to search yourself from the internet....???? Have you ever wonder what will come out when you search for your name.?

And I did!..I type my name (carine cheah) in ramdomly choose 3 websites search engines. They are google, yahoo and msn.

Here Are The Result

1) google

2) yahoo

3) msn

The result is very positive. Haha..I can search for my friendster, facebook and my blog from different search engines.
When you have free time and want to know more about yourself. Try this...Haha. It's really fun.

And as I'd promised lasttime. Here is my IT assignment wedsite.

Carine! Fighting!
TVXQ! Fighting!

A Mundane Life Changed to Mystical Life

Haha.. Everyday have to go to school is a very very boring life...I'm very sick about it..Plus when I have to find parking place for my car. My parking skill is within noob to normal range, so i'm always looking for bigger parking place or simple way to park my car. Because of it, I forced to go to school earlier than my class. But mostly of the time I'm fail to do so. Haha..I'm always late to class. Sorry.."Today's traffic very jam" is my best reason. Haha..

Holiday!! it's HOLIDAY! I'm love holiday very very very much!!!!! *Sad* Even I'm in holiday again but I'm still have to go back to school, atleast once a week. It's all because of my thesis. My thesis title is looks easy but there is very small little thing have to settle. If me and my partner did not settle it, we going to have big problem.!!!!! Please...! Help me!!!

Never mind. I have TVXQ to back me up. Haha..Joking only. I really bumped into them very deep this time. Everything around me is changing to TVXQ, my mobile phone's theme is tvxq, my comp's wallpaper is them, the most of the songs collection in my comp is TVXQ's songs as well as my mobile phone, once I got into my car, I will play TVXQ's cd. After i have their new songs, especially 'Mirotic', I can listen to it repeatly non stop for whole day(I'm listening to Mirotic when i writing this blog) and I also will youtube for their live performance of this song..DAM..THEIR DANCING SO NICE. I really cant stop myself from listening to it. Good...Now i'm in holiday...I will learn to sing along too..(Waoh! If i'm have such "studying spirit" for my study, I shall be the top of the top student, TOO BAD I'M NOT). Because of them my life become such a GREAT MYSTICAL LIFE....
Beside of everyday listen to TVXQ's "Spell" song, I also going to have a date with Fahrenheit on 15 of Nov. Wah..! So excited...!!!!! I also have to learn to sing FahRenHeit's songs, so that I can sing with them on that day.

IN this 2 months holiday, there are many celebrations I want to join. First, Deepavali...I want to wish all my friends Happy Deepavali. Then Halloween, I want to celebrate halloween. This is the first time for me to join halloween party. I'm still wondering and thinking about my costume. *Hehe*.

Then Christmas is just around the corner. I want to celebrate christmas and I really likes the christmas's designs and decorations those in shopping center. Ya..also the christmas songs! It makes the environment looks colder. You know, Malaysia is a very hot country.

Next is New Year Celebration !!! I'M COMING!.. Haha...I want to see fireworks!!!!!~

Oh...I have to start to find information about my thesis...So have to stop now...

~The End~

Friday, October 24, 2008

Proposal Daisakusen (Love Operation)

Yeah..Newest of the japanese drama that I like the most after the Absolute Boyfriend. This drama is more funny and yet very touching at the ending..

The synopsis of this story
Yamashita Tomohisa and Nagasawa Masami play a young man and woman who have been friends for seven years. Yamashita's character, Iwase Ken, is obstinate and unskilled in love, but he has fallen for the lively and cheerful woman, Yoshida Rei, played by Nagasawa, who is about to get married. While attending the wedding ceremony, a sudden time slip sends the man back in time, giving him a second chance to make her his girlfriend.

This drama is worth to watch and I'm addicted to the guy already.. Haha....

FahRenHeit - Concert's Signature Event


This is the first time I met with all Fahrenheit's members....So excited......Well..actually not first time..lasttime they came to KLCC for the Canon's camera prom..I also went but that time don't have signature part...lolz..

I'm looking forward for your concert...........

All of them very leng chai.....

I'm damn lucky that i have 2 tickets. So ...waiting for what!!! I went to let them sign twice...and mean I saw them twice....And they saw me twice too...Shake hand with them TWICE!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@...LOLZ...Remember me ah!!~~~


3 Hours Pulau Ketam Trip...

Haha...Although I only spent 3 hours in Pulau Ketam but it actually more than enough..haha.. Pulau Ketam is small island, they very popular with all those dry food, such as dry fish, salted fish, belacan and so on.

In the morning, me and my trip mate went to eat Bak Kut Tea at Klang. Oh my, it was so early. About 8am if i'm not mistaken. I was still haven't fully wake up.. Haha...
Wah..This restaurant not bad. They won a prize before.After having tons of fat meats, we continued our journey. On the way, we passed by a maraton race. Lolz...GamBateh~!!! ....So sad...They are burning their fat while we gaining our fat content...lolz..After sitting in the car for 1 hour plus plus, my butt started to become numb and lucky we reached to the jeti. We searching for our boat....Is it this????

Or this?
We finally found our boat...Cool..When we reached there and I noticed something.......Their main vehicle is bicycle and their second vehicle is 'no. 11 bus'(walking). Pulau Ketam really peaceful.. At there, you can feel how peaceful is it. I couldn't use words to represent it. At there, the environment is clean & clear because they do not have any vehicle used motor. Really a big different from KL.
All those youngest and maybe younger kids, very good in cycling. They can cycle on narrow road, wooded road and even they can drift........I really saw it. They actually drift in front of me and the cycler was a GIRL..Oh my....i got shocked...Perfect drift all that I can say...LOLZ
See this....Our house fully parked with car..and they fully parked with bicycle..Great..I really love this island..

Again..we enjoyed our lunch at pulau ketam after buying and walking for 2 hours...
Forget the name ..sry..~

Haha...i likes this one...TASTED VERY VERY VERY GOOD!!

Yeah..this one is the most important of the meal that day...They called it as Shark Meat...but it do not know true or not.

By 2pm we back to KL and we eat all the way home. That trip is actually weight-gain trip...Keep on eat and eat and eat then sit and sit and sit.. but luckily my weight was not affected...Hahaha..

~The End~

Adorable and Delicious Candy

My sis brought this candy from HK. This cand really adorable and we have to serve the candy or something like prepared it into something only we can eat. Very cute and it like fishing game. I forget to take the package photo. So i couldn't show the package. You have look for it by yourself if you want to eat it. Lolz.

First, we have to put some boiled water into the plastic box until the marked water level.
Then we have to put the first package of blue powder into the water and stir stir stir ....Haha
After stirring process done, we insert the most important thing, Our Candy......The candy is fish pattern and we have to use a spongy waffle to take the fish candy to eat....
It is actually very hard to take the fish. Because the fish candy is wet and very slippy. Lolz..And about the taste......I had no comment....Haha

Monday, October 13, 2008

Any one knows pesticides that used in Vegetables in Malaysia?

I need helps here. I'm finding for the pesticides that commonly used in malaysia's agricultural. Pesticides that more focuses on Herbicide, Insecticide and Fungicide..

If any one know where to get those infomation. Please let me know.

I need to know how the supplier's detail and the products' details too. I tried to find on the net but it is hard to get the information about them..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Welcome Our New Members of T.A.G

Our T.A.G having our new member fullmoon party..lolz. That day we had done a lot of things in one whole day...So long time did not enjoy my day in this way..lolz..
Early in the morning, 4 of us(Carine, Gilbert, Lai Kuan and Bee Kee) went to sing K at Neway. LOL...The Neway front door already crowded with ppl before 11am..What the hell on the earth...LOLZ....All youngster likes to sing K...lolz...

Lolz..we still managed to take photo..lolz..Although only 4 of us but we really did enjoyed it!..and we did enjoy the meal well..lolz...only 4 persons but our meal like for 8 persons..

After our K-lunch, we all continued with our plan, TO WATCH MOVIE..We all purposely changed our location from Timesquare to Parvillion just for the movie..U see ...How 'moh liu'(Too free) we are~? We watched Mama Mia until 4 something if i'm not mistaken.. then we all walk around at parvillion before we go to the Fullmoon party. Here are some 'moh liu' photos

And have our tea time at ....Opps...i forget the stall name..Never mind la..I let u all guess it. At the time, i accidently met my coursemate...aiya..Forget to take photo with her..Wasted!!!!!

After wasting for the time by window shopping, LOLZ, (Actually I have a lot of things to buy, just the time not enough!!! Sad~), We all met up with others T.A.G members at Steph there. Me and Beekee found a toy in XB's car and we fought for the toy..Haha
Then I found other toy in Darryl's car...It is a Cute Little Hippo Devil..So the panda toy I let Beekee to have it...Wakaka...(Devil's laugh)

The V.I.P of that day already reached and we enjoyed our dinner at the fullmoon party. The party is a garden/BBQ buffet..Luckily that night did not rain. If not, the party sure won't be so successful. Hehe...Here comes the last photo of the day.

Congratulation and Welcome to T.A.G !!

Hippo's Birthday Celebration

Yeah~ Time passed by so fast... I still remember last year I had blog about our Hippo's birthday. And now...I blogging 'bout her birthday again....

Sorry ya..This year we couldn't celebrate ur brithday on 19/10/08. But we try to celebrate ur big day earlier ...MUCH earlier..lolz..

Celebration was held at JJ bar.. and thanks for mei shan's supports, only we can have a nice and fun place to celebrate our Hippo's birthday..

I hope she loves the celebration and the cake and the PRESENT...haha..and also thanks to JJ bar that given a FREE cocktail/mocktail for our birthday girl.! Hehe..

Here are the group photo... Check it out!~

All Boys only................................ All Girls only

We had done a lot of silly things and we also tried to pretend to be BARTENDER@_@ Wakaka..

See that...Our birthday girl smile like found a treasure when she learning to make her own drink.! Hope it was tasted good...lolz....

Our little girl, one our T.A.G new member also trying to shake the thing...but actually she didn't really shook it..she just pretending it..lolz...

Here comes the little girl's MOM...
Steph: Let ur mom, ME to show u WHAT A BARTENDER IS!~ LOLZ...

Good throw! WAkaka..

This is the Handsome Bartender~ lolz...Leng chai moh?

LOLZ...Last but not least...ME!! LOLZ...I already had tried to pretend to be a guitarist in last blog...Now upgraded to be a Bartender...Ying moh?? Lolz..

See nexttime what can I pretend to be...LOLZ


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Any of my blog can be postponed but this one cannot...I must update this blog by today..lolz. I'm damn excited when I saw the picture. This picture really a special and hottest photo ever.!





I love this photo a lot. really cant believe that both of my favourite boy bands were in the same photo. Although FLH's performance was not very good on that day but they already tried their best and take a STEP in foreign country for performance! It is a good opening. But there are so manything FLH have to improve. Keep it up!

When I click on YouTube. I saw a lot news about TVXQ with FLH and some ppl try to compare between both of them. For me, they are uncomparable because both groups got their own personalities and different style on the stage~

My best wishes from both of them~

Ok..Is time for me to study....Oh no, My exams is on 22 and 23 of october.....which mean is next 2 NO study week.. Really have to pay attention and cant dreaming from now on!~!!