Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fahrenheit (II)

Yeah....i got other new Fahrenheit's collection...haha..Lasttime was CC lemon bottle and NOW IS BOTTLE WITH THEIR FACES...

Thanks..Christy(my sis). she bought it from Hong Kong...thanks alot...

I still think whether i want to use it or not...ahaha..mostly i guess i will just keep it for awhile then only use it.....ahaha...

Sadly my sis only found Jiro and Yalun bottle for me....hoping nexttime Malaysia have this bottle..then i collects 4 of it...and...

To Fahrenheit


(Hope they can see this)ahaha...

Yes..Exams OVER!

This sem finally over...but i only have one week holiday before my industry training start....ONE WEEK....ONLY ONE WEEK...what can i do? i have planned so manything to do in my holiday...
Now i only can stay in my house and 'boil' movie...ahaha...

Currently 'boiling' Zhong Zhi Yi Jia..ahaha..and some others Hong kong drama series...Oh no!!~ only one week... Which one i should boil first? haha...see..Dun have holiday, feel sad..but now i have holiday.. feeling more sad and confusing now...

And i still have be prepare for my industry training..Hoping i can learn alot, no matter it is related to my course or not. just want to learn something about working life and that company is healthcare company, i hope i can also learn something new about good health...Nowadays, we all tends to have bad habit in choosing food to eat...Mostly people choose food to eat following through their feeling and they pay very least attention to the food nutrition....

i also worry that i cant catch up with their working life...You know, i'm such a 'katak di bawah tempurung', means i havent exposed to such environment before. Lasttime, i've been working with the person i knew, i mean friends....Then so manything can be settled easily. But not for this time, i have to face it alone and i guess really is time for me to learn to be independent in working life...

Be confident and be steady!

Any comment?

Friday, October 19, 2007

English subtitle for 'Bu Hui Ai' - Fahrenheit

This song really meaningful..must understand it and u will be more enjoy the song...I'm getting addicted to this song..really love it and this make me more addicted to Fahrenheit...

'Bu Hui Ai'
Can i only let this present rest quietly in my pocket
while watching u chat with him
and smile at him from afar
But the word 'friendship' not enough to describe how i feel
My feeling twist and turn because of u

The headphones are gently cradling my ears,
playing countless love songs,
What was meant for us has never been romance.

You wont love, the love that i have for u.
and that, i understand,
U most beloved
exists in that place.
When will i, too, exist?
I wont love,
because hurt is what you'll feel
So i'd rather quietly wait(for u)

All that's left is freezing air,
accompanying me through the night,
Loneliness, like a traffic jam,
makes it impossible to move.
I turn over, and suddenly i'm awake at midnight,
yet my lingering dream reminds me of your soft lips.

The headphones are gently cradling my ears,
playing countless love songs,
What was meant for us has never been romance.

You wont love, the love that i have for u.
and that, i understand,
U most beloved
exists in that place.
When will i, too, exist?
I wont love,
because hurt is what you'll feel
So i'd rather quietly wait(for u)

I can't slow down my love for you,
There's not a day that i don't love u,
Racing against myself,
I will catch up to your future.

You wont love,
the love that i have for u.
and that, i understand,
U most beloved exists in that place.
When will i, too, exist?
I wont love,
because hurt is what you'll feel
So i'd rather quietly wait(for u)

Unafraid of emptiness,
I will continue waiting...

19 Oct 2007 - Beekee's 21th brithday!~

Finally reached to 21 years old..Welcome to 21years old group...! wakaka..joking only..
Now u can go into the casino with no worry!!~haha..can do manything already..Big girl jor..haha...
Opps...i forgot to took down the cake picture...haha..never mind la.. anyway, it taste good..hehe..
We all wait and hidden at a old dusty van at outside Beekee's house while Pikshen and ChuiLing will ask Beekee come out from her house. When beekee at outside..then we all started to sing birthday song and i handing the cake to her..
The wind was so strong and keep on blowing the candles light...hahah...And our birthday song was so loud until we had waken up beekee's mom...and some neighbours(i guess) ahaha..Sorry..! Aunty~ahaha
ahaha..Since we dun have any ideal place to go.then we went to chuiling house to continue the celebration..aha.we bought some alcohol drink and some crispy food...ahaha..
We having alot of fun and ...HAVE DONE ALOT SILLY THING.. ahaha..
I having some problems when i uploading the photos on to this page...*snift snift*
Why i cant upload? the file i already make it smaller, but still cant upload...why?
but never mind..Can check out the photos from my friendster acc.
See ya there...~

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fahrenheit (Express Info)

Name: 汪東城 / Wang Dong Cheng
English Name: Jiro Wang
Nickname: 大東 / Da Dong
Date of birth: 1981 August 24
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 180cm
Weight: 69kg
Star sign: Virgo
Blood type: O
Band: Fahrenheit (飛輪海)
Acted in Dramas:
Zhong Ji Yi Jia 終極一家 (2007)
Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (2006)
KO One (GTV, 2005)
It Started With A Kiss (CTV, 2005)
The Pawnshop No. 8 (2004)

Name: 辰亦儒 / Chen Yi Ru
English name: Calvin Chen
Real Name: 陳奕儒
Profession: Actor, Singer
Birthdate: 1980-Nov-10
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 184cm
Weight: 65kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: A
Band: Fahrenheit (飛輪海)
Acted in Dramas:
Romantic Princess
Zhong Ji Yi Jia 終極一家 (GTV, 2007)
KO One (GTV, 2005)

Name: 吳尊 / Wu Zun / Chun
Real name: 吳吉尊 / Goh Kiat Chun
Date of birth: 1980-Oct-10
Birthplace: Brunei
Height: 181cm
Weight: 73kg
Star sign: Libra
Blood type: O
Band: Fahrenheit (飛輪海)
Education: Bachelor of Business Administration with Distincti
Acted in Dramas:
Romantic Princess
Zhong Ji Yi Jia (2007)
Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao
Tokyo Juliet

Name: 炎亞綸 / Yan Ya Lun
English Name: Arron
Real Name: 吳庚霖 / Wu Genglin
Profession: Singer, Actor
Date of birth: 1986 November 20
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 177cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood type: O
Star Sign: Scorpio
Band: Fahrenheit (飛輪海)
Acted in Dramas:
Zhong Ji Yi Jia 終極一家
KO One (GTV, 2005)
It Started With A Kiss (2005)
cameo An Shi Ai Mei Hui (2004)

Gimme More - Britney Spears

It's Britney Bitch
I see you, And I just wanna dance with you(giggle)

Verse 1:
Everytime they turn the lights down,
Just wanna go that extra mile for you.
You(You) got my display of affection(ah)
Feels like no one else in the room (the room)

We can get down like there's no one around
We keep on rockin, we keep on rockin'(rockin')
Cameras are flashin while we're dirty dancing
They keep watchin, keep watchin'
Feels like the the crowd was sayin

Gimme Gimme more
Gimme more
Gimme gimme more (repeat 4)

Center of attention, even when you're up against the wall
You got me in a crazy position (uh huh)
If you're on a mission (ooh)
You got my permission (ooohhh)


[Chorus](repeat 4)

I just can't control myself (more)
They want more?
Well I'll give them more (ow!)(more)

[Chorus](repeat 4)

Gimme more gimme more
Gimme more gimme more babe
I just want more

Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme (repeat 4)

Give it to this dance, I'm comin'
The incredible Lago(more more mo-mo-mo-more)
The legendary Miss Britney Spears
Ha ha
And the unstoppable Danger
Ahh you're gonna have to remove me
Cuz I ain't going no where(more more mo-mo-mo-more)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The other uses of Lab. Coat

Today raining very very heavily right after i finished my lab section..and the storm were so strong till it can easily blow away ur umbrella. Haha..

So me and my fren have no choice and stay in the college untill the rain gets smaller.... Haha...Wait and wait and wait, the rain is only getting more stronger......

That time i comes up with an idea....

LAB COAT use as RAIN COAT....ahaha... because lab coat is water-resistant. Water cant stick on i wore my lab coat and run to my car...ahaha...but fren, she lend me her umbella..but ........I STILL GETS WET....haha..atleast upper part not wet loh..haha.. my pant wet until can squeeze water out...hehe

So this is the advantages for those science student and make sure ur lab coat made from water resistant material only, if not, u will feel so heavy because ur lab coat absorb the rain water..ahahaha...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

May i ask- what is a simple life?

I'm just a looking forward a very very simple life....
JUST A SIMPLE come so hard for that?
i not expecting those wealthy life,wasn't millionaire's life, wasn't those "SUPERSTAR"'s life...Then how come still so hard to achieves a SIMPLE LIFE?
I'm so bored with those gossip-ing, angry-ing and back stabing with each other,
And do u think u are true to urself and the ppl surrounding u?
i bored with all those grandma and grandpa's stories...What so good about those old times story? Keep on repeating the same old thing, it wont change ur life.!~ Move forward la!!!!~
Life ah it the environment is changing us? or we are the one who changing the world?
So manything are changing.. including MYSELF~...
I'm dun know whether this changing are good or not but the changes make me feel so uncomfortable....I hate this feeling.. Will this feeling is good? or is time for me to learn something new in my life?
A human can do how manything in their life before their leave this world? NO one will know about it...
then do u think a human will live forever?
In future, it may be...~
But for now, Confirmly it cant be!...everything has it expired date. Example batery, foods, fuels, and even human's cell...
"Memories of Someone that u care"

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Local Drifting Movie-Impak Maksima

First ever car drifting movie is from japan..ahaha..Is HK movie ' Initial D'....After all, the comes up with '2 fast and 2 furious'....

Finally, m'sia comes up with 'Impak Maksima', is one of the movie about drifting..haha..Good..Sudah pun improved!~

but the graphic animation still need to be improved...but anyway, the storyline is different from others drifting movie, because Impak Maksima got talk about 'Mat rempit'. Such a new idea. For those who accepted Initial D from HK..then u should be can accept Impak Maksima too..

First i tot m'sia sure dun have sexy girl in the movie, but i was shocked there is a sexy girl in the movie. Ofcoz not as sexy as in The fast and the furious, but it enough for m'sia level loh.

and also got alot of nice car... dun play a fool ler..In Impak maksima, they really drifting ler...they din use graphic to do the drifting, just some car crashing, they try to use graphic loh. Coz very dangerous ma..Initial D from HK also use graphic for Jordan's part, the car crashing part.

And the song in the movie is very nice. Something like oversea's rock song..For those who has the Impak Maksima's theme song or any one of the sound track.. let me know. i'm looking for it..haha.

Very hard to look for the character name~ ish!~ There 3 characters very deep impression:
1) The boy
2) The policewoman(Maria)
3) The bad boss

For anyone who loves drifting, must watch this movie. It really different from what u think now. Unexpected.haha..and till today, i still want to watch again that movie.. really cant believe it is m'sia's production!~ ahahaha
This is the trailer for Impak maksima
(the loading might be very very very very slow, Please be patient)ahhahaha

if cant see, try this link

Fahrenheit again~

Haha..this sem my mind full of Fahrenheit. So unresistable~ HELP!~Hehe..
In this mooncake festival, i so happy that i can celebrated it with Fahrenheit..hoho.. So lucky that i can get the ticket for the entry of that event.. but sadly Yalun din came..he still recovering his injured leg..."Yalun, u faster recover and come to m'sia and meet with us" ok? ahaha..

hope he can see this...

Haha..the most excited part is where Jiro pointing towards my way....Oh...i also faint..hehehe..
So glad that they performed their new song called "bu hui ai"(dun know how to love)..

Such a nice song..really nice ler..Trust me!~ ok?

And beside bu hui ai, they also got new song for their new album...It called 'chu shen ru hua'
Not bad quite a rock song..hehe..and the making of that MV. is really funny...ahaha..They really good in acting, not affect by outsider...ahaha..

Calvin really a talktive person..he talks alot and most of his speech normally is JOKES.... ahaha...sometimes his jokes can make u sweat...feel sweat until speechless...ahaha.

Hopefully fahrenheit faster come to have must be very exciting and fun..ahaha. Faster ler..

oh ya..and i also found their blogs in the internet and i believing it is their real blog..coz really upto date and their photos are TOO PERSONAL..i guess only they ownself can have it...Alot of their self photo-ing picture. Logically, how can a fan can have their ownself photo-ing photos, right? hehe.

And for wuchun's blog....most of his photos are FOOD PHOTOS!!!!!~~~.

ahaha..he really loves to eat alot. ahaha.. wuchun u must get to know m'sia ler. M'sia have alot of nice food.. and when u want come to m'sia..let me know..i will give a list of nice food...ahaha..(Joking can wuchun read my blog here..If read, let me know...HAHAHA)

Jiro's blog also have alot his own photo..really so so so many and NO FOOD PHOTOS...ahaha..If u all have time..then go to have a look..
their blog really cool..ahaha coz really have alot their selfphotoing picture..ahaha


Oh my...oh my.. some one really can influence some one... Haha.. my sis is one of the BIGGEST and the BEST example..ahahah..We likes Fahrenheit...U know who os fahrenheit? ahaha..dun know? never mind.. ahah. is fine..

The story is goes like this.. one and my sis watching on the internet...and we found this funny video...

Only can listen them sang "C C lemon, C C lemon. C C lemon"...
I laugh till tears drop...Sweat la~~
Then after that day, one day.. my sis suddenly msg me and she said..'i got something for u'
So..that time .without thinking so much of thing..i just answered.."ok"...

Then the next morning..she shown up with THIS bottle with title "C.C Lemon"
Oh my...i shocked and so happy...never tot here (m'sia) can found Fahrenheit happy.

This is the FULL ad~ Enjoy~

Remember always~!
C.C Lemon!!~ and Fahrenheit