Monday, August 10, 2009


Why ppl are so so so stupid and so ass on their face...They think they ARE SOOOOOOOOOO HIGHLY EDUCATED and own the world...but for me, they are just a homosapien that havent gone for evolution~~~ Their EQ and IQ are so so so low...HEY F*CKER...PLEASE BACK TO JUNGLE AND SHOUT LIKE AN APE!!! or faster fix ur UFO and fly back to ur is not for u...*alien*.. ~

They thought they had understand every single little things on earth...PPL!...U are not on my feet...u will never understand what is going and please dont judge by you own opinion.....U WERE NOT GONE THROUGH IT so dont give ur own opinion which did not help me any...~!!! Why you always comparing this and that...and How u so sure those things are comparable? U are only do some guessing and it did not shows that u are 100% right.

"Understand" and "know" is different thing ..Dont show those attitude that u are so PRO as u 'know' everything while u are knew nothing at all to me...Those attitude makes me wants to vomit and laughing at u as a stupidest idiot ever! I REALLY DISAPPOINTED ON U! T.T

Dont worry...I learned from what u said and what u had done...coz i 'understand' this is how 'un-educated' ppl looks like...LOLZ. I wont said that u are low educated because from ur attitude it shows that u are totally same as an ape....NoNo...I confirmed ape is better than u...U are worst than an ape...

Ya ya ya...Until now u still thinks that u are so so so highly educated, right? Yaya...U do a lots of reading or have a very high education, right? Yaya...and you also thinks that u are having a lot of PRO ppl or HIGHLY EDUCATED ppl surrounding you? U felt that u soooo different from other ppl? U are not as perfect as u think u are. U are just good at what u had learned but not on what i had gone through.

Just a simple question for u!
Where did u learned for ur thing? Through books also, right?
Where did u heard from those thing? From ppl's mouth and also reading materials, right?
How did u know about those thing? From reading materials and ppl's mouth also lohhhh...
How is you confirmed those are correct and mine are not? Because from the reading materials and ppl's mouth also lohhh..
Why u judging me and why i cant judged about u..? just because you thinks that i did not read as much as u do..just because that i did not have frens as much as u have. just because that u believe that u are 'high educated' as in u have a lot of "so-called high educated" ppl around u.

This song is specially dedicated to U..Enjoy...

*There is no fair and square*

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