Sunday, July 8, 2007

Soul-ed Out

Finally i updating my blog again since i din update it for long time what can i do.? my school exam like HELL, like every week also have exams and the final exams is just around the corner..must prepare well for the WAR!.
Yesterday just went to Stephanie's birthday party..Very fun and very tired.
Haha..i just 1 mins to set my hair style...and this is the result.!.. I called it as '1 mins hairstyle' or 'Chin Cai Pin HairStyle' Lol
Haha...I'm rushing for set my hair..coz i'm late already, Luckily it looks better than i tot...ahaha.. i just used hair pin to pin my hair..hehe..

Steph have her party at Souled Out. the food quite taste good..hehe.but badly the kitchen will closed/last order at 10pm if you reach later than that time..we can order anything.We just can only order the drinks...

Ha!~ when talk about drinks...
I going to introduce a drinks in TEST TUBE. It looks so dangerous..ehehe..anyway, it just like a cocktail...I didnt try to blue colour drinks. i tasted the red colour, it tasted like....salty? and strawberry? haha... just tasted salty only ler and abit bitter loh.~ But it really

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