Friday, July 20, 2007

Hana Yori Dango(Meteor Garden)

Haha...nowadays keeps on catching up with japanese's drama series...hehe.this meteor garden from VERY GOOD. even it story very short but it already enough for understanding..hehe..and the storyline very fast, and straight forward....hehe..not like taiwan's meteor garden...wasting alot of time and quite boring sometimes...hehe..
First time when i saw the cover of the japan meteor garden, i felt 'what the heck'..but after i watched it..hehe..i'm started to like their characters...hehe..It's true..many ppl also felt the same. I guess u also feeling the same thing now..hehe
The ending of this series is very good and kinda Fairytales..but i likes it..hehe..what can do? Perfect ending sure everybody likes it...haha...

Trust me!...Go to watch and u will understand what i feel. And dun ever try to compare with the taiwan's meteor garden or F4...they are totally different..hehe..

Oh ya..and the Domyoji starred by Jun Matsumoto. hehe...He is one of the member from the group called Arashi. The meteor garden theme song was sang by them..YEAH!..i already fall in love with their song..Bahaha!!!

'Love so sweet-Arashi'..

And Rui Hanazawa was starred by Shun Oguri, also not bad...eheh he also quite popular and he also starred as 'Shinichi' in Detective Conan's movie...hehe..this movie u also must watch...quite good...For those who loves to read Detective Conan...DONT MISS IT!
See..F4 from taiwan also went to japan and promoting the Hana Yori Dango..hehe

This is the theme song...U will likes it!~

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