Monday, March 9, 2009


God dam it....What is happening....I found a China Group MV...90% same with TVXQ's MV...I was dam dam dam angry with that...

I tried to find out what is really happening...Many ppl said that group having the same Director of TVXQ had one. SO their MV and dance are quite similar...Please la...Korean company will share their songs..but i dun think they will share the MV idea, also let them copy the MV and dance ler...For me, it such stupid mistakes ever. Why why why...?

The MV created a lot arguing between TVXQ's fans and TOPCOMBINE(TC)'s fans...For me, I really dun like TC. They do it on purpose..they trying to get attention for everyone with their MV looks like TVXQ one...I pretty felt them so stupidness and they are so cheapskate..

Got ppl said TC MV looks like TVXQ purple line..But for me, it just looks like O-jun ban hap..
Check it out....



Muacks TVXQ

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