Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lost and Gain

Long long timeeeeeeeee did not update my blog...Manything to blog actually ..Just that I lazy to psot it up after I started to work. Now I just undergoes training sessions. Still have one week to go..After that, I will be dealing with real situation. I will try my best since I not really experience to it...and I must learn to speak in mandarin. Must learn..This is the biggest weakness of me. I must try to get it over!!!!

After I got job...I found that I lost and gain alot of things.

My student life
My student privilege
My online time
My yamcha time
My holidayssssss
My freedom
My movie time
My sing k time
My shopping time
My youtube time for TVXQ and bla bla bla

Working Experience

Lost and Gain

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