Friday, June 19, 2009

Squeezing something in

Yaya...I know that it's been years no updates for my blog..This is my life after I started to work. But i will try to update it little by little.

Ok..Something to share in working life here. I love my job and there is alot lot lot lot of things that I still have to learn. It's really different from study life. When u studying, no worry and can skip class whenever u want to... But now work life, everything is about rule unless u have ur own company, then u can play it all. As me, communication skill is important and I really need to improve it in a very very short time...No time for me to rest...

And really thanks for my family, my dear and friends who morally support me and care for me. They give me the power to be stronger and stronger. I will be strong as I had growth up now.

Especially for U, My Beloved Daddy,

Daddy, Happy Father's Day. Hope U can read this. I want to tell U this, I GOT A JOB and I love my job too..I will try my very best on my job... Of coz I want to tell that I love you always...

My latest look...heheh

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Quotesoflife said...

awww....that is so sweet carine :)

anyway all the best in ur current job..all i can advised is stay focus and be positive....keep heads up and do what it is right and most of all keep the smile intact :)

cheers carine