Monday, January 9, 2012

First stupid people in 2012 I met

*Laughing* How can such dumb ppl can be surviving in 2012..they should have be died in 2011.

No no, they are not dumb ppl. I think they more on little ppl whoever will stab back u at behind. Why 'it' just think they are so good at all thing...Never take responsibility with their work. but go and disturb ppl's work.

If you damn free, please go and make appointment with doctor. Mental doctor is recommended for you. You no manner at all. The way you speak is just like un-educated ppl. Anyway, you are un-educated. Trying hard to act like you damn high class and speak like a princess. Please....It is so weird~ You looks like a weirdo to me~ Dumb ppl.. haha

This year mission- stay away from dumb ppl~

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