Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Life is complicated

Everyday there are new born babies, and at the same moment there will be people's who leaving this world.

Life is so meaningful and it can be so complicated as it ruin others life. As I stated in my previous post,I only want simple life and just want to have all lovely and meaningful memories will all my love ones.

My wishes in this year is as simple as ABC. Wish everyone that I know live happily and no sadness..

Just want tell u all...
I love you all... and live a happily ever after..

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Rajesh said...

HI Carine,

you are very true in stating that life can be complicated or simple. In my opinion, its all in the mind. few people enjoy every moment of life and few make it complicated and waste the life. When we grow up, we learn science, maths etc, but no where there is a school that can teach us how to live.
Life is just an experience. its just a matter of time. Everyone of us has got limited time and its up to us, how we use this time called life.