Friday, June 8, 2007

My Poster

This is my FIRST assignment that done by myself ALONE...
Hahaha~ Felt so great because so long time i din touch thing that related to ARTS~

At 4pm on Monday

At 8pm on the same day~

At 8pm on the Tuesday~ the outlook already..Yeah!

At 8pm on Wednesday~..Shinning shinning title makes my poster looks so attractive~ (kononnya~)

It's FINALLY done~!!

10hours before it pass up to the lecturer!..I'm so 'berat hati' to pass it up....

1 hour before it reached to my lecturer's table~! Happy hours always passby very fast...IS TIME TO PASS IT TO MY LECTURER...I"M GOING TO MISS U HERE!!!~ BYE MY POSTER~

P/S: The day is for illustration only but the time are real.


s0hp0h said...

hie, very nice!!!

Carine said...

Haha~ Thanks~.Actually i'm also worried that i done it TOO OVER~ Haha~~...