Monday, June 25, 2007

Mapling in REAL-LIFE

Me in maplestory...
Me in real-life(T_T) So MUCH different ho?~
Haha..So excited... Just like going back to CHILDHOOD FUN FAIR!!!!
This is the town where we can go in maplestory. Where should i go ler???! ahaha. >Perion is Warrior's town..Ellinia is magician town. >Kerning city is thief town. >Thief in the game is actually bandit and assassin. >Henesys is bowman's town...ahah..most of the beginner will be train at Henesys..hehe..! The town really really small in real life ler..

When i reached to there, i'm OVER AGED ler~..SO many kids queued up for the game.... And i saw alot of daddies and mommies play the game for their children...ahaha

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