Tuesday, June 12, 2007

FD RX7 Mazda - My Precious (^_^)

Firsttime i saw RX7 was when i watching the Initial D, the animation version. Haha..But i'm not interested on the Keisuki's RX7, the yellow colour one..No that one!~ The one RX7 which make me so impressed is Kyoko's RX7, black colour one~ She only came out in 'Initial D -Stage 4'.

What i likes about RX7 is it 'BACK'. It's light design so special...Looks so cool...And have to tell u all that...this picture is model(toy) only..not the real RX7. BUT IT LOOKS SO REAL!!!! crystal light casing somemore~ (*_*)
Wishing to have it even it's only a model.. Haha~

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Danny C. King Ian said...

awesome that you like the rx 7- get one ! it's a awesome car...