Sunday, September 2, 2007

Independence Day Countdown at Genting~

This sem. I only have 2 weeks holiday. "Sweat Man!~(T.T)"
For me, it totally not enough for relaxing myself after a hard study for the exams. Haha...This coming Wednesday is my new semester start....sobsobsss......

This is the first time i went to countdown for Independence really cool.. more fun and more enjoyable than what i've expected...maybe becoz i countdown at Genting..The weather is colder..The situation is about same as KL.Full of ppl, no matter young or old, boy or girl, couples or families.. really alot ppl and we sang our National's song, and other songs before final countdown. The firework so nice, it so near and clear...this is the 'Best Firework' i ever saw...hehe..It has various type of firework..the one that make my so impressed is the fireworks can shown pattern...when it explode, it shown a star in a circle..try to imagine, the circle is green colour and the star in it is red colour...this is the best firework..but too bad..cant take a shot of it..coz it end so fast....sobsobsss

That trip was so safe b'coz have 2 WELL TRAINED BODYGUARDS. Joking only..where got well trained....haha..just accidently wore alike...haha...

Night at Genting theme park...haha..Well, we actually being bullied by the clowns..They try to runaway with our camera after took the photo...haha...Anyway, they are so friendly and for me, their job are very hard b'coz they have to stand for the cold weather at theme park there for a long period.

This is what we done when we reached to the room~ Gambling!!~~We only play cards...DO NOT INVOLVED ANY CASH~~~! Try to look at Wing Pang and Mun Fai's face expression... haha...So funny...

Clockwise - Lim, Liyee, Carine, Josh, Mun Fai, Wing Pang, Miao,Yew Ming

Except gambling, they also played 'Seeking Murder'...But that time i din joined, coz I'm so sleepy and loss of energy...hehe...My brain felt 'wee wang wang, wee wang wang'..Haha. I just laid on the bed and just listen to what they play, i'm actually pretty interested to that game, sadly i no more energy to play ler~ sobsobsss..

Here comes pretty gals on the trip...hehe..
Me, Alicia, LiYee and Mavis...
I loves this pic. very much..... coz it looks so sweet and young....hehe...

Thanks to the camera-man for the photo..haha..

Guys also having fun alot...haha..
Wing pang, Lim, and 'Miao' 'lembap' laa~ haha... Gary and Gil jumping so happily...see they jumping like that also know how much they enjoyed the trip~ Hehe

Haha...ok..Try to guess what are they pretending......? Haha..Actually they pretending to some sequences of action.

Happy hours always passes by very fast..We all so tired and loss of energy..and lack of sleep and i'm having stomachache/gastric at last minutes..haha..Luckily that time almost home..But everytime i look at these photos.. It just like bringing me back to that time...So enjoy and i hope i can have more this type of trip...Hope everyone also enjoyed during the trip and the countdown...ahahha...
Hope to meet with ya all sooner...Take care!~

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