Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Oh my...oh my.. some one really can influence some one... Haha.. my sis is one of the BIGGEST and the BEST example..ahahah..We likes Fahrenheit...U know who os fahrenheit? ahaha..dun know? never mind.. ahah. is fine..

The story is goes like this.. one day..me and my sis watching on the internet...and we found this funny video...

Only can listen them sang "C C lemon, C C lemon. C C lemon"...
I laugh till tears drop...Sweat la~~
Then after that day, one day.. my sis suddenly msg me and she said..'i got something for u'
So..that time .without thinking so much of thing..i just answered.."ok"...

Then the next morning..she shown up with THIS bottle with title "C.C Lemon"
Oh my...i shocked and so happy...never tot here (m'sia) can found Fahrenheit thing...wakaka..so happy.

This is the FULL ad~ Enjoy~

Remember always~!
C.C Lemon!!~ and Fahrenheit

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