Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's 2009 now

Yeah..It's new year but i didn't really welcoming 2009 year well, because I was overslept when down-counting. The story goes like this actually, I was felt sleepy when the time is just 11pm on 31 Dec 2008. All of my friends were playing their game, Monopoly World Version. LOLZ. Using credit card one. Very interesting.! I felt more sleepy then..Seeing they playing like never ending games and TV did not show any great movie... All my mind is only have one word 'Sleep'..I started cant control my eyes. It like closing automatically and my ears like cant listen to anything around. It's a very good mood of sleeping. Lolz. Lastly I cant stand it and straight away go to the bed and without few second I guess enter deep sleep stage. Lolz. Just few second before final count-down of end of 2008 and welcoming the new beginning of 2009, all my friends jumped onto my bed and try to wake me up. Sadly, their mission failed. So they countdown without me. I heard they shouting, counting numbers and a long firework noise outside the house or maybe from the TV. LOLZ. I'm really not sure for that because I was sleeping throughout the countdown. So shamed.

There will be more of blogs will be loaded. I'm really lack of time for blogging this week. I just finished tons of celebrations and my school just started. I'm learning to adapt back schooling mood due to having too long holiday. Yet, I'm still dont have study mood. Sit in the class like wondering around.

Peng, You leave us again and went to Aus for the studies. We did spent a lot of time together. Though u will be far from us again, but all T.A.G members will miss u as how u miss us. All the best and take good care of urself throughout the way home. And prepare ur school with study mood. Dont be like me, I really dont have study mood yet~..LOLz...

*Happy New Year 2009*

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