Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dream Phone 2009

Wah. It's been a long time I didn't check for latest mobile phone. Yesterday I went to those Mobilephone websites and check for lastes mobilephone and I got stunned by all those bravo creations. I already fall in love with 2 mobilephone.

One of it from CSL company. The phone known as CSL Swarovski S1. It is flipable phone with swarovski cystals on it. Dam nice and it looks like those mobile phone that from japan..I love those kind of design...I love the black colour. It only have basic function. No 3G and the camera pixel only 2.0MP.

My second dream phone, it is not flipable, it have no keypad. What attracted me is it's CAMERA PIXEL...It's 12.1MP....Believe it.!? 12.1MP!! It is SE product and havent been launch yet. It called SE IDOU.

Xenon flash, face and smile detection, all are my favourite part. Touch-screen and not to mention it is a symbian OS phone. WIFI and GPS not a problem for him. LOLZ.. What a bravo design..!!!

^SE rulez^

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