Friday, February 20, 2009

Danson Tang at Sungei Wang 20 Feb 2009

I just went Danson Tang New CD promotion. The event was great and there were full of people, especially girlssssssssssss. They shouting and jumping happily when they idot appeared. Haha..

Many people said he so friendly and very talkative. This the video of Danson Tang signing for 'someone's cd..lolz.I'm sorry for the lousy skill..

Danson Tang very good. U can ask him to wrote ur name while he signing for ur cd. This is so cool. This way can improve the relationship between idol and his fans.

Too bad, I dun have that chances. Lolz. Anyway, Wishing Danson Tang will get more and more popularity and take good care of himself. I know he were rushing to Penang right after that CD Promotion at Sungei Wang.

==Danson Tang - Qing Bao==

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