Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Assignment Nightmare.

I have been struggling so much while I trying to finish those assignment. It sounds so easy and only have 2 assignment to be rushed, but actually it takes all my time just to read thousand of journals and books, just to understand more about the title.

It is hard to do an assignment on a disease, because it need a lot of reading and to understand the cause of the disease is harder than I thought. Salut to those writers...lolz...

This few days, I followed my friends went to SMK Taman Connaught for their final year project. when we at that high school, many sweet memories flash back into our mind, althought all of us were not from a same high school, but our experiences is about same.

And when we at the canteen in the recess time, the canteen was crowded with all student with their uniform on them. Suddenly, I feel a warm feeling although I'm not a student from there..

Student, U must enjoy urself as a student, after this U wont have chances to wear uniform.

Hope I can finish those assignment and also my lovely Final Year Project within the given time.

**E. Coli**

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