Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The best of Cassiopeia!

Let's got to know what is Cassiopeia....

Cassiopeia is a TVXQ's diehard fans club. They formally from Korea, *if I not mistaken.* For TVXQ, Cassiopeia is their another family members where they grow together with TVXQ. They have do a lot of thing for TVXQ beside only supporting them. Currently Cassiopeia is getting stronger and become more popular than usual. It is just because their extreme undying spirit in supporting and love TVXQ. Forever is TVXQ and never end.

I really hope I can be one of them. The way they show their support to TVXQ is really make me feel proud of them and now I want to join them and show support to TVXQ. *YEAH* Some people said they want to hug each of the Cassiopeia member.

Their spirit for loving TVXQ is very very very DIFFERENT. All this while, i had never saw one fans club with such strong spirit until i know Cassiopeia. If I am one of the TVXQ member, I will cry on the spot when cassiopeia sang along with me..It is so touching....

CASSIOPEIA..KEEP IT UP...U ARE THE SPIRIT OF TVXQ and so to TVXQ is our spirit..*smile*

This is the video about the BEXT SCENE of CASSIOPEIA with TVXQ (See it and Feel it)

If u cannot view the video. Can try this link

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