Friday, July 4, 2008


After tonnes of school works and assignments plus all exams(which is still havent ended).. I'm finally has chance to update my long abandoned blog...Haha.. I found out that I also have some fans of my blog...They always asking me when will I update my blog.

Thanks for your supports... Hehe

Recently I'm busying with my school assignments Sorry for the late update...Yes..Actually I want to promote you all my OWN WEBPAGE. I created my personal website is all because of my school assignment. In this semester, I taking Information Techno. as my elective subject and IT assignment is about creating website...So i got no choice and try to create one...

I was frustrated when i first try to create website. Not because I dont know or dont have time. It is because I dont have the PROGRAM. Oh GOSH!!!~ HOW I'M GOING TO DO THE ASSIGNMENT WITHOUT THE PROGRAM. I went to search for the program for whole day and at last I FOUND NOTHING. That time I really beh tahan and want to give up. Haha...But thanks GOD ..i found one program to do it. I'm so released...Maybe because of too stressed up and frustrated for whole day, at the end of that day , I got flu and fever~ *sobsobs*

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