Friday, July 18, 2008

Help Me Out!


I dont know what really happen to it. My msn cant on, log to internet very slow and i cant get into some of the website. I keep on trying and i did re-install it. The result is still the same. I already didnt on my msn for whole week. I feel like i'm separated with everyone with soooooo long distance. haha. I'm like different world now.

The website that i visit the most, now i cant even open it mainpage.. Youtube is consider my life. Without it, i cant listen to song,watch video, MV and a lot lot of thing. My life became so down, quiet, dark and very boring without them. Haha . Now i think think think and try to figure out how many entertainment website that i know and try to get into there to fullfill my free time and sad the end i just found out that i knew very few those websites. And i cant get into the one that i know..ARGH!!!! so stress already!!!~~@~
.What i can do now is just to STUDY. Haha...i finally have reasons for myself to study for the exam.

Now i only realise how internet important for me or in my life.... IS VERY IMPORTANT. For example, my group member sent me some information about the assignment, i hardly to open it and this make me wasting my time in downloading it.. and MAKING all my works need to be postponed. STRESS STRESS....! Stupiak Comp~~!~ (NAH!)

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