Monday, August 18, 2008


Finally my exams is over for this sem. LOLz. Still have few more sems to go. But now I feel so relaxed, so relaxed without worry of laboratory reports, no worry for assignments and no worry for manything. Feeling so good without all those things. Haha.
Since now my holiday is started. I want to plan some activities to do. If not, wasted this holiday by just staying at home.
The thing that I plan :

1) Watch 'Hot Shot'
2) Update my blog as much as I can (so lame)
3) Start back to play MapleStory
4) Throw those study notes. (I will be happier if I can burn it)
5) Follow and update myself with TVXQ's news
6) Watch TVXQ's concerts
7) Bake some cakes or cookies (If I really too bored)
8) Go for vacations (atleast once)
9) Go to karaoka
10) Go jogging and exercises
11) Look for old friends for a drink (as I already promised them)
12) Try new hair cut (if possble)
13) Tidy up my study room (quite messy when I having my exams)
14) Prepare for new sems
15) Clean up my car
16) Bath my dogs
17) Watch movie at cinema
18) Go for FishSpa
19) Shopping!!!!!!! (Is the most important thing to do)

Opps...i guess i had listed too much.. Flash-back....~ I ONLY HAVE 2 weeks holidays.. What a short holidays for such a lot of thing to do...



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s0hp0h said...

wa u still not over DBSK yet LOl.. babooooooooo (u see so many korean news.. u noe what it means right???)