Thursday, August 14, 2008

Roses that can be eaten?

Here is the photo of the roses kuih.
On the left handside is looks clearer.

Actually it is a normal kuih muih that can be found everywhere. But this kuih's designed as roses..I dont know how they can make it and where they get the ideas. The outer layer is pandan flavoured and it chewy. The inner part is yellow colour paste and tasted sweet. The texture of it is more or less like mashpotato. When I hold the kuih in the air, it looks so nice. The outer layer a bit transparent so when i hold to the sunlight, it like growing in light plus the skin is very glossy.
Something like this...(i couldn't get the photo because i'm busy eating it that time. Haha)

The roses in this photo is a lollipop, i guess.

I wondering how it will looks like if really put in a bouquet of roses..


Because it can be seen, can be smelled, can be touched and even can be EATED and also it is very CHEAP...LOLZ


s0hp0h said...

yerrr... dun worry.. ur wedding bouquet.. I will go pasar malam there specially buy and kae for u.. hahaha see that time who wanna 'jip fa kao'.. LOL

Carine said...

I guess everyone also wan to jip fa kao. Coz it will bring good luck and also CAN EAT!! lolz...2 in 1. Haha