Monday, August 25, 2008

Holiday DAY 7

So many activities to be done for last few days. So i skipped my some of my blogs and try to squeeze it all in one blog. LOLZ. This is 'lazy' sign. Haha.

Continue from 'Holiday DAY 2', I supposingly watched finish the 'Absolute BoyFriend' on Thurday night, but I was been invited to go out to have a drink with my friends. So I have to temporary to stop chasing it for a while. Haha. Me and my friends went to Kuchai Lama to eat 'dim sum'. Oh no! I already break the most important rule to "not to eat after 10pm". ARGH!!!~

We found a dimsum very special. I never thought chinese dim sum restaurant also sell 'siput' or snail in cheese.

It tasted very nice and I love it. Worth to eat. The texture of the snail is chewy and it very match to serve with cheese. The snail was baked with the cheese on top. Thus the surface of the cheese with a bit crispy while inside is soft and sticky. Really good to eat at rainy night.~

I reached home at 3am! Waoh. So early~ Pretty thanks to the chinese tea, I'm quite allegic to the chinese tea. i will be so awake if i drink tea at night. When i reached home at 3am and I'm not sleepy, so i choose to continue the 'Absolute Boyfriend' and watched finish it until 4am++~. (+.#) my god. The ending so touching!!!~ I'm cried a lot when i watch it.

The next day I still wake up at 9am. Haha.. I feel like I din sleep at all. In holiday DAY 4, Me and my sis was attended to the 'HotShot' promotion held at Sunway Piramid. In the middle of the promotion, i'm feel blurring, maybe i'm do not get enough sleep(maybe got electric shock from XiaoZhu) LOLZ!. Xiao Zhu very handsome and cute while other girl very pretty and she really really tall. She taller than XiaoZhu. Haha

That time i was stood very near to them. I can see their faces very clear. And my sis she brought the photo ablum so she can the signature from them. Beside only for the signature, she also have another purpose to buy it. Haha. Is to get near to XiaoZhu. XiaoZhu is not always come to MY. So must appreciate the chances to meet with them.

Yeah. Lantern festival is just around the corner. Long life!!!! I can play lantern and also the candles. LOLZ.

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