Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Holiday DAY 1

Yeah. Is holiday~.. But still wake up at early at the morning.. about 8 am ++. I will be like automatically wake up.. I've done just little things from my planned lists but atleast..i have done something in this holiday...haha.

I had cleaned up my study table and now it so tidy until i dont want to mess it up again. Haha. Then I was planned to bath my dogs yesterday. Unfortunately, my sis asked to go out for teatime's drink at Tesco. Hehe. Oh ya!. Yesterday i'm so happy because one of my primary schoolmate called me. Without thinking too much, I ask her out for drink at yesterday night. Haha.

'Ta Kip Chan Yid' (mean Dont wait for things to come).

She also invited some others friends to go along which i also known them. We have our drink until 12.30am and actually we start drink at 9pm something. Woah! This is what i meant holiday! Lasttime when schoolling, I wont go out until that late, because normally my bedtime is about 11pm to 12pm.(Many of my friends said that my sleeping time SO EARLY~) Haha. If not later, my eyes will become red and my mind started to become blur and dope. LOLZ.

Here are randomly photos that taken yesterday. And the location is at JJ's Music and Pub.
Me and Amanda, my primary school mate. Really happy to have her as my friend.

And here are the gang for that day.
Right: Choon Ming, Carine, Amanda, Yew Ming. Lolz..Got 2 'ming' ..haha..

Ya. Besides that, I already started to play MapleStory with my new character. I played it for 2 days and my character reached to lvl 83. And now it is lvl 100++. Hopefully it can be leveled to lvl 200 as fast as I can. Haha.

My character details
My character cute or not? Haha. And dont mention about my character's name.. I know it is weird. Haha.

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s0hp0h said...

HAHA it's DA TIT.. NOT DA KIP.. sounds like wanna steal, better steal now LOLOLOL