Saturday, September 27, 2008

Musicians of the Year2008

That day we went to Free&Easy cafe for our lunch while waiting for the Food Engineering class. The day was so hot~! The sun like burning our skin while we on the way to the cafe~ Really feel like want to 'Boom' the sun away!~ ARGH!~.

The cafe interior design is very special. The wall is black colour and u can use your liquid paper or some others colour pen to write or draw on the wall. We saw many different kinds of wishes and greetings. Some are drawing. The most drawing I saw is LOVE shape. LOLZ.

Beside that, I also noticed nowadays teenagers loves to learn korean language and japanese languages. I saw a lot korean words and japanese words. Lastly, I also drop my masterpiece on the wall.. I wrote "TVXQ". Try to find it when you go there. LOLZ.

Then my sight caught something that I likes a lot in the cafe...A guitar!~ Ah...i loves it the most...Since there is not much ppl around in the cafe, me and my friends play the guitar, we all only know to pluck the guitar and no music was played! lolz....Luckily no other ppl was there. We only dare to play the guitar..LOLZ. It was really paiseh...

Here are the musicians of the day. Is really fun to play the guitar even non of us really know how to pluck it. But really fun to learn guitar.


Sing yee


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