Saturday, September 6, 2008

Better make some difference - Facebook

First when i using facebook, it is so simple and very easy to understand it's function. But after they upgraded it. I totally lost and I feel it so different. This differences make me blur and I feel so discouraging me.

For very first thing, I found that I cant upload photos directly and as easy as Friendster do. In my opinion, I found out that Friendster is more user-friendly than Facebook. No doubt and I guess Facebook have their own reasons for that. But i really cant accept it and it make me feel ignoring whenever I try to updating my profile. That's why I'm not updating my facebook as frequent as Friendster. Can say that i never update it.

And about the application, how come they are to wasting time and so stupid. They provide 'ignore all the applications' but why they didn't provide 'accept all the application'. You know what!!!! To accept all the applications, it takes me years to do so.. I so fucking up with it.. Plus some of the applications were duplicated. Why?? Why?? WHY??

Lastly, I'm damn disappointed about the profile's layout. Oh dear~~~! you call this is a 'profile'??? My IT assignment to design a profile is nicer than yours!


s0hp0h said...

lololol.. the profile is nice and clean ma.. lol.. cos frendtser one very luen.. very 'fa'.. i think it depends la. some ppl like some ppl dun.. fb actually very easy to upload pic.. just very annoying to change profile pic only..

Carine said...

Haha...i is really subjective ..lolz...So I just let my fb acc hanging there..lolz..i still will uploading photos in fb..