Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Forgotten Season - JaeJoong SOLO

It is one of the song from 4th album of TVXQ. I still havent found the full lyric and because of that, I'm not very understand he singing. LOLZ. But can see from the song's title. It should be a sad song. I saw some comments about this song. Most of them loves this song and they said Jaejoong running into tear when he recording the song.

First time I listen to this song, the rhythm of it some kind like jazz, slow and soft. When it combined with Jaejoong's voice, it become more fastasy like. LOLZ. It's like bringing me back to my childhood memory. I thought back lots of my old memories. All those happiness, all those laughter with family and friends, all the sadness that I had gone through and those important memory that I almost forgotten, now all flashing in my mind now.

From now, I only realised those oldies time, I was freed from all worries and stresses. I still remembered. When I studied in primary 1, I cried a lot, can said I cried everyday, But when I went to my primary 2 and so on, for me it is the most fun places ever. That time I was didn't really pay attention in class and always jokes and play a lot with my friends. And now, I noticed that I dont have chances to chat with my primary schoolmate or they might already forgotten me.

When in secondary school, I'm still me. Not paying attention in classes and always chat with friends. LOLZ. My secondary school life was full of more challenges. Not like primary school. There where I learned all those social life. Time is passed so fast. Now I'm in University. Next year, will be my final year and then I will ended my study life into working life.

Here is the Forgotten Season - JaeJoong.. Enjoy~

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