Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shifting Location

I'M SO TIRED! Helping my family members to shift the computer room to larger store room. Hooray. Definitely twice of the size of the computer room..Now I no need to squeeze those wire behind my comp. LOLZ.

After relocated all my computer's room furniture to larger room. Me and my sis need to paint the store room, the previous computer room. We experiencing hardness when we try to paint the room. The room was so small and need to squeeze 2 person for painting. My palm and foot totally fully of the paint. LOLz. Very embarassing..lolz. Remember my this advise, NEVER PAINT YOUR ROOM BY YOURSELF especially you are girl. It's very tiring.

There are a lot of blogs I havent posted. Those trips and celebrations I need to blog it later. I'm so sorry for it. I did not have any extra time for blogging currently, plus I havent gather all photos from my friends. LOLZ..

Boon Boon, Peng Peng and also Shan Shan...Photos~ Please~ I cant wait to see those photos.!

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