Thursday, May 7, 2009

Euphoria by Ministry Of Sound, Sunway

This is first time I went clubbing. I hate club cause it full of smoke..I dont like smoke as I have a hypersensitive nose. And the best thing of Euphoria is a "Non Smoking Club" which is good for me..lolz.

I cant said much about it cause I dont have any experience on clubbing. Just the dancefloor very less peoples since that day not 'Ladies's Night'. I guess so.. The environment is ok...You can see peoples dancing around you. They were so enjoying while I just stood there like a tree. Honestly, I dont know how to dance and shake the body following the rhythm..lolz..I'm felt so awkward..Paiseh..

This will have a lot of photos..Hopefully it wont takes year to load it.



Ferrari: Dancer of the Day

The second dancer

The drink known as Flaming Lambogini. And you can get drunk as fast as Lambogini...LOLZ>..Beware of it..


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