Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm not an Idealist

I'm still me ...The one that always try to make anything easy...

I'm was born into the wrong world.....I'm so sorry..Normally I named our world is HELL. So to stay in this hell world..sometimes we were forced to do something that we dont like to do..

That's not me, not my personalities, not the true me.....
..but to survive...U have to learn to betray urself and somebody beside u..

Darkness in my life can never be faded away....
No one understand it... No one will believe....
No one can see it..

We all not learning to be good...but everyone learning to be be more trickly.
I have to learn to be that - just to survive..

Human being scariest creature ever.... They will fight for thing very tiny little thing...they can do thing that u might cant imagine...
They are like human wearing poker face...can never be true..
can never be trust..

Slowly they will show their true self


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