Friday, May 1, 2009

Brussels Beer Cafe

It was a perfect night for outing. Lolz..The weather was cold with soft wind blowing all the time. My friend suggested to me to go out for some drink.

She came and fetch me and my dear to some cafe area somewhere is in PJ..I'm not very remember the way since its at night..lolz. I'm so weak in remembering the road..lolz.

The cafe name Brussels Beer Cafe. Surrounded by a lot of same types of cafe. At there you can see a lot ppl sitting there enjoying their dinner or chit chating happily after work..Hehe.. The interior of the cafe is very unique and western style of design.
It is located opposite of Starbuck coffee and Divino cafe.

Dim lighting and soft wind blow on your skin and it gives you a very good relaxing environment after stressing for your work. Besides that, the ceiling design is so special...

The drink of the day. It is mocktail and named as Virgin *******.. I forgotten the second words.. LOLz...I just remember is called as Virgin *bal bal bal* Anyway, in the menu only have one mocktail named as Virgin *****.. It tasted very nice and it some kind like milkshake.

Here are some randomly choosen photos.

But unfortunately, we reached to Brussels Beer Cafe quite late and the kitchen already closed. We only ordered snacks in the menu. That's why dont have the food's photos shown in this blog. It's pass 11.30pm, 3 of us also started to hungry. Then my friend, she bring us go to other place to eat again. It is a chinese restaurant which only have fried noodles and fried rice.

This si cantoese fried mee. It is so delicious and it tasted more nice if eat at raining day. I really missed it now.

Hokkien fried mee. It looks tasty but it actually more tastier than it looks... When you eat it with "cili padi", it will more tastier as the chilli brings up the smell of the mee. Plus I likes it so much because it is not oily, it totally dont have the oily tasted in your mouth. Thumbs up for it...

Brussels Beer Cafe

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