Monday, May 18, 2009

Thanks to 5ive

This morning I went to morning market and my ear catched by a CD stall. They play all types of oldies song, not really old la..just 90s hit singers such as backstreet boys and 5ive. My ears attracted by this song.. 'If ya getting down - 5ive'.

This song might not meaningful to anyone else.. but to me, it's one of my great memory.. I almost forgotten that I had dance this song before.. Too bad that time dont have digital camera..I cant get a dance video of my dancing..lolz.. IT IS THE BEST PERFORMANCE EVER~~ LOLZ..

We all were newbies in dancing..and we tried to arrange our very own choreography...LOLZ..

That time me and my dance mates have a lot ups and downs. We laughed, we cried, we supporting each other, we sharing our problem...And I really know that to dance a song from the beginning to the end is a very hard job...That's why I so envy to dancer..They can dance very well....

This are MV by 5ive - If ya getting down


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