Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fahrenheit again~

Haha..this sem my mind full of Fahrenheit. So unresistable~ HELP!~Hehe..
In this mooncake festival, i so happy that i can celebrated it with Fahrenheit..hoho.. So lucky that i can get the ticket for the entry of that event.. but sadly Yalun din came..he still recovering his injured leg..."Yalun, u faster recover and come to m'sia and meet with us" ok? ahaha..

hope he can see this...

Haha..the most excited part is where Jiro pointing towards my way....Oh...i also faint..hehehe..
So glad that they performed their new song called "bu hui ai"(dun know how to love)..

Such a nice song..really nice ler..Trust me!~ ok?

And beside bu hui ai, they also got new song for their new album...It called 'chu shen ru hua'
Not bad la..it quite a rock song..hehe..and the making of that MV. is really funny...ahaha..They really good in acting, not affect by outsider...ahaha..

Calvin really a talktive person..he talks alot and most of his speech normally is JOKES.... ahaha...sometimes his jokes can make u sweat...feel sweat until speechless...ahaha.

Hopefully fahrenheit faster come to have concert..it must be very exciting and fun..ahaha. Faster ler..

oh ya..and i also found their blogs in the internet and i believing it is their real blog..coz really upto date and their photos are TOO PERSONAL..i guess only they ownself can have it...Alot of their self photo-ing picture. Logically, how can a fan can have their ownself photo-ing photos, right? hehe.

And for wuchun's blog....most of his photos are FOOD PHOTOS!!!!!~~~.

ahaha..he really loves to eat alot. ahaha.. wuchun u must get to know m'sia ler. M'sia have alot of nice food.. and when u want come to m'sia..let me know..i will give a list of nice food...ahaha..(Joking only..how can wuchun read my blog here..If read, let me know...HAHAHA)

Jiro's blog also have alot his own photo..really alot..so so so so many and NO FOOD PHOTOS...ahaha..If u all have time..then go to have a look..
their blog really cool..ahaha coz really have alot their selfphotoing picture..ahaha

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