Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Local Drifting Movie-Impak Maksima

First ever car drifting movie is from japan..ahaha..Is HK movie ' Initial D'....After all, the comes up with '2 fast and 2 furious'....

Finally, m'sia comes up with 'Impak Maksima', is one of the movie about drifting..haha..Good..Sudah pun improved!~

but the graphic animation still need to be improved...but anyway, the storyline is different from others drifting movie, because Impak Maksima got talk about 'Mat rempit'. Such a new idea. For those who accepted Initial D from HK..then u should be can accept Impak Maksima too..

First i tot m'sia sure dun have sexy girl in the movie, but i was shocked there is a sexy girl in the movie. Ofcoz not as sexy as in The fast and the furious, but it enough for m'sia level loh.

and also got alot of nice car... dun play a fool ler..In Impak maksima, they really drifting ler...they din use graphic to do the drifting, just some car crashing, they try to use graphic loh. Coz very dangerous ma..Initial D from HK also use graphic for Jordan's part, the car crashing part.

And the song in the movie is very nice. Something like oversea's rock song..For those who has the Impak Maksima's theme song or any one of the sound track.. let me know. i'm looking for it..haha.

Very hard to look for the character name~ ish!~ There 3 characters very deep impression:
1) The boy
2) The policewoman(Maria)
3) The bad boss

For anyone who loves drifting, must watch this movie. It really different from what u think now. Unexpected.haha..and till today, i still want to watch again that movie.. really cant believe it is m'sia's production!~ ahahaha
This is the trailer for Impak maksima
(the loading might be very very very very slow, Please be patient)ahhahaha

if cant see, try this link

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