Friday, October 19, 2007

19 Oct 2007 - Beekee's 21th brithday!~

Finally reached to 21 years old..Welcome to 21years old group...! wakaka..joking only..
Now u can go into the casino with no worry!!~haha..can do manything already..Big girl jor..haha...
Opps...i forgot to took down the cake picture...haha..never mind la.. anyway, it taste good..hehe..
We all wait and hidden at a old dusty van at outside Beekee's house while Pikshen and ChuiLing will ask Beekee come out from her house. When beekee at outside..then we all started to sing birthday song and i handing the cake to her..
The wind was so strong and keep on blowing the candles light...hahah...And our birthday song was so loud until we had waken up beekee's mom...and some neighbours(i guess) ahaha..Sorry..! Aunty~ahaha
ahaha..Since we dun have any ideal place to go.then we went to chuiling house to continue the celebration..aha.we bought some alcohol drink and some crispy food...ahaha..
We having alot of fun and ...HAVE DONE ALOT SILLY THING.. ahaha..
I having some problems when i uploading the photos on to this page...*snift snift*
Why i cant upload? the file i already make it smaller, but still cant upload...why?
but never mind..Can check out the photos from my friendster acc.
See ya there...~

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