Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm Cassiopeian from Malaysia

Yes yes yes yes!!!~~

I'm finally joined Malaysia's Cassiopeia. It so hard for me to find this club... I was shock to see the number of members in the group...It really incredible~~~ lolz...

Malaysia's Cassiopeia (also known as MC) had done a lot activities to show their support and love towards TVXQ/DBSK....I cant stop myself from joining the group...It really feel we are in a big family.. Although we do not knowing each other but we are seems close to each and know each other feeling well...It is because of we are all having the same objective..Haha.... TVXQ is our MAIN topic which important to us....

Annyong haseyo, Chonun Carine imnida..

I'm Proud Of You


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Quotesoflife said...

annyong haseyo

hahaha...nice nice like u call it is MC ppl ler haaha how many ppl oh?? can tell??

but for me here i am mc ppl also but this mc is different it is Miri Communitty (MC) hahahaha